Saturday, December 29, 2018

We Are Back

We have just completed a 3 month vacation from selling online and we are preparing for our new start.

We have been trying to make our ebay store work for years, it's taken quite a toll on us and our finances but I am happy to say we have finally figured it out after 5 years of work. I wish there was a single line I could just write in here to give you the magic key as it were to be able to do the same thing.

There is no magic key, it takes lots of work and pure determination to make ebay work. You may have noticed all of our old content is gone. The reason for that is it was all irrelevant. We went from theory to theory as to why it wasn't working for us but none of what we thought was the reason was correct.

We used to wonder why so many youtubers and bloggers never just came out and told people how they managed to succeed. It's crystal clear now that the formula is different for every business and there are no cookie cutter easy answers out there.

I will admit for myself (Tony) I am not the smartest person on the planet and it took more time for me than is probably needed for the average Joe to fully understand how an eBay store really works. You might say it finally hit me 5 years into the process. I was so focused on trying to decide what to sell and the mechanics of the process that I forgot that we needed a business model.

For us the answer was so obvious and clear once we could really see it that I am ashamed to even mention it here and too it would be different for everyone so no one could ever really just duplicate what we did anyway. I also think some things are best unsaid. 

I will give all of you one simple piece of advice, start listing and don't stop listing until you are happy with your ratio of work and income.

We wish you all great success with your own businesses.

Good Luck,
Tony and Deidre