Friday, July 25, 2014

The eBay game, two of you will remain and one will be out

In the ever changing world of eBay one must stay on their toes to keep up. It's like those reality shows where their opponents are eliminated for failing to meet the new challenges put to them. I will admit the challenge eBay has just installed will be tough on seasoned vets like ourselves, I can only imagine how daunting a task it must seem for a new seller if not impossible.

We don't like to focus on the negative aspects of eBay however this new defect program seems interesting to us as it becomes active in August 2014 there is the potential to see up to a full 3rd of eBay sellers gone. eBay seems to to obsessed with buyer satisfaction however they don't seem to be factoring in the fact that did they not have so many sellers, the buyers would soon go elsewhere because the sellers that leave eBay aren't going away, just moving to a new venue.

I can see where they would almost be creating their own competition. I mean seriously if a seller has a couple thousand items up on eBay and they are suspended, do you really think they are just going to meekly go away and stop selling? pffftt no, they are just going to find a new place to sell their stuff which could potentially grow a competing site like eBid or bonanza and that is the last thing we need.

Well I'm not on the board of decision makers at eBay so I don't get to have any input into their rule making process but I do hope they are not going to eliminate so many sellers that eBay stops being attractive to buyers. That would suck for all of us. 

You know the old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it, I think that's the case here but we don't know yet how this is all going to play out so hang on to your seat and get ready for one hell of a ride :-)


UPDATE Sep 6th 2014: It seems Ebay has heard the plee's of their sellers and they have eased up a bit. I will say the rules as they stand today are very reasonable and doable. I'm not saying you can just be lazy with a listing but if you follow the rules which are not hard, you will be fine.

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