Friday, August 8, 2014

How to tell the difference between Mens and Womens Jeans

Trying to decide the gender on a pair of jeans you bought at a garage sale or thrift store can be tough. Before you can list your item on ebay you need to know what category to place it in so this is a pretty important question.

We use a few methods to make this determination. First thing we look at are the front pockets. If they are deep then they are more than likely Mens. The womens jeans normally have tiny front pockets that your whole hand won't fit into.

Next look at the zipper, if the zipper is really short then these are womens Jeans. The mens zipper is usually longer for obvious reasons. I have read that the womens fly flap sometimes faces the opposite way from mens but we have not found this to be true on most modern jeans.

The final thing we look at is the amount of material in the front of the jeans where the mans package would fit, it they are a little loose in this area then they are mens. The womens jeans leave no room for that and as such if a women is wearing mens jeans they will more than likely bunch up in the front because they have too much material in front.

That is about the sum of it, I hope this helps the next time your scratching your head trying to figure out ... mens or womens? 

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