Friday, September 26, 2014

Buying a store one piece at a time

Me and my wife started our ebay business 2 years ago with little direction and we really just had no idea what we were doing or how it would turn out. We started off buying the most useless junk you ever saw. Then one day about a year ago while trying to find some kind of help, we met, in a virtual sense, Jay and Mikey who were running this podcast called Ebay Scavengers

We were just about to give up on ever getting a handle on what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong before we starting listening to these two guys. They both had already achieved the goals we were trying to get to and were more than happy to share their insights and in the almost step by step how to guide they were laying out, we slowly began to understand. 

Ok this is going to sound a little crazy but after listening to these guys, we just dumped everything we had bought to sell because it was junk and wasn't worth the time of day to even list and we just started over. Jay and Mikey then brought their wives in Wendy and Ryanne and this is when things really got interesting, they were talking about everything we wanted to know and not just vaguely but in detail.

Over the next several months we watched as our small ebay store of 30 items grew to around 500 items and all the while making money we had never seen before. While we still have a long way to go to get to where the Scavengers are we are well on our way and that's when it hit me, we are buying a business one piece at a time. 

Today we are selling around 1000.00 a month even with our small inventory and that has afforded us the means to continue to buy to items and expand our business into new higher priced items. We have around 300 to 400, i haven't counted, things waiting to be listed and are still buying. We are trying to get to 1200 which is our next goal. It's difficult because things keeps selling and our number of items listed goes backwards but this is a great problem to have.

The ultimate goal is to get to 3 to 4 thousand listings, that is for sure in the distant future because we can only add so many things a week. One thing is for sure, if it had not been for the generosity of the ebay scavengers ( now scavenger life ) in sharing their knowledge, I really doubt we would be as close as we are to being independent. 

For now, we will keep buying, listing and listening and God willing, by this time next year I can share what it was like to say goodbye to the boss. Bye for now, I have to go buy some more stock for the business we are building, once piece at a time.



  1. Glad we're all in this together. It's boring to be successful alone.

  2. I'm just glad we found you guys Jay. Your generosity has helped more than we can ever say. Thank you all !

  3. Hi, I know this post is old, but I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say I too am gonna try to build a store one piece at a time.

    I have only sold a few things on Ebay over several years, I got into pickin' way back in the day when I opened my first brick and mortar shop; a consignment shop, then went into selling antiques, which i lost my butt but learned alot, so not a total loss. I spent a few years trying to be a factory worker, and then a news reporter/feature writer, but I missed the treasure hunting and reselling of good junk,,,,LOL,

    anyway I got back into reselling at a antique and collectibles mini mall and now my daughter and son inlaw have a Trading Post where I have a booth.

    I have been wanting to get back into selling on Ebay, but have spent or wasted a lot of time reading other blogs and facebook groups trying to learn what is moving well and making money.. But as I read about all the things to BOLO I soon realized that EVERYONE and their brothers are listing the same things, so I wanted to find a place on the net that motivated me to be a better seller and you guys along with Jay and Ryanne motivate me more than any other.

    Anyway, I have learned that I want to be on the lookout for much more fun stuff to list,so I think I will get rid of all the crappy stuff I have gathered over the past few years and just start over too, and build my store one amazing piece at a time.