Monday, October 20, 2014

BoWHOza? an online selling experiment.

After just over a month of importing all of my ebay listings to the most insane thing happened... we sold something. Just when I was beginning to think the whole thing was a waste of time and effort, the ole bonanza monster came through for us. 

We sold a sweater for 49.95 and I can now report the following selling fees on bonanza for those who might be interested.

Cost of listing an item - $0.00
Bonanza fee for selling a 49.95 google advertised item - $4.50 ( 9.01% of sale )
Cost of Priority Mail purchased on 2 lb item via bonanza portal - $7.17
Bonanza fee for purchasing USPS priority mail through them - $0.95
Waking up to find I had sold something on Bonanza - $ priceless

Was it worth it? you bet. While we haven't been blowing the doors out, that single sale let me know there is a market outside of ebay which may be difficult for the small seller to get a piece of but it is possible. As we proceed we have our eyes focused on the future. 

Amazon, get ready, your next :-)



  1. Tony, I'm so happy for you! I have 35 items listed on BZ and not one sale. I'm getting views though. I'm waiting for that one sale to break the ice. I keep getting my rewards every morning. I have 3 badges so far, but none of it helps if people don't know that Bonanza exists. They need an advertising blitz.

  2. Thanks Lorraine, I had about given up, we have about 400 items listed and we just thought it would have been much more active in the beginning. I agree, bonanza needs a huge advertising campaign to get their name out there like ebay did in it's early days. I think we only have like 2 badges but frankly, like you I would rather have sales.

    1. Congrats Tony. I have had one sale on Bonanza with 800+ listings for about a month now. I'm hoping that the more people who get disgruntled with other online selling forums the more popular sites like Bonanza will become.

    2. I hear you Nancy, I would love to have more successful platforms available, I think it would be a much more seller friendly atmosphere for us all.