Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weight Loss the Easy Way

Sit back and listen to a little story I have to tell.

Ok so I'm a male at 54 years of age, I am 5 foot 11" in height and I my starting weight was 227. My health is ok, I take a blood pressure pill and I take mobic for my osteoarthritis which keeps it well under control. I get a check up every 6 months because of my medical needs but I think it's just a good idea anyway. They do blood work on me every visit which gives the doc all my current numbers so he can decide what needs attention.

On my last visit Sep 27th 2014 he said, ok Tony everything looks good but your cholesterol levels are up and I see you have put on some additional pounds since your last visit. I can either put you on a cholesterol pill or you can lose weight which will most likely drop you back into the normal range.

So yeah, heck yeah I'll lose weight, how much,  I asked. 

Doctor says, ohh I think about 30 lbs should do it. Huh? oh wow.

Well this ain't my first rodeo, I have tried diets before and some worked, some didn't and some just scared the hell outta me like that atkins diet. Anyway like I said earlier I have osteoarthritis so most exercise is out of the question. Any over doing it results in an overwhelming pain in my joints. So what to do?

I decided on calorie counting. The hiccup was you get so many calories per day with this or that kind of exercise. So I just removed the exercise and and went with the calories that were left, in my case at my height and weight it called for me to eat no more than 1427 calories per day without exercise of any kind.

I started on Oct 4th at 227, today is Oct 16th so it's been not quite 2 weeks, I now weigh 218 :-)

We love to eat out, over the last 12 days I have eaten at Captain D's 3 times, Pizza Hut 4 times and Movie Star Restaurant 1 time and simply by keeping up with my calorie count I have lost 9 lbs with no exercise of any kind. Pretty sweet.

Now I am a very self disciplined person so this may not be right for everyone but it works for me. One meal a week I get to cheat, and boy oh boy today is the day, haha, I can't wait. We are going to La Fiesta Brava today :-)

Just to be clear, when I go to pizza hut each slice of pizza is counted as roughly 225 calories so I save my calories up for the day by skipping breakfast, just drink a diet coke and at lunch we go to the pizza hut buffet and I have 4 slices 900 calories and 1 big salad with the low cal dressing which comes to about 100 calories and I get unsweet tea and bring my own sweetener with me because I like nutrasweet. The whole deal comes to 1000 calories. so I still have 427 for dinner which is usually a salad 50 calories, a sandwich 250 calories and a yogart for desert which is 60 calories. remarkably easy to do.

At Captain D's I have the grilled chicken dinner which comes to 760 calories. I get the side salad and the plain baked potato as sides. This is a full meal which is downed with a diet coke 0 calories.

I'm not really into burgers but you could do the same thing with burger king, macdonalds, wherever, just keep a running total. I use a iphone app called "Lose It" to keep up with my daily calorie count.

Just an update, after writing this I checked my weight and I have lost another pound so my new correct weight is 217 for a total of 10 pounds lost. Not bad for someone who doesn't exercise in order to lose weight. I'm sure there is someone out there who is saying, yeah well your doing this and that wrong, to them I say pppppfffttt, hehe. I don't care, I'm achieving my goal my way and it's working for me. Am I getting the proper nutrition?  I seriously doubt it, but then I'm not trying to be an athlete or a role model, just trying to lose 30 lbs.

I feel better and to me that's all that matters.

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