Monday, December 8, 2014

What we look for in the thrift store.

Another boring day shopping for treasures ? Might want to look out for some of these ...

Leather purses ( saddle bag type ) black or brown doesnt matter what brand because good quality leather sells. Those with hardware hanging on them are nice like fossil purses. 

Leather belts, not leather bonded, real quality leather in good condition. Size 38 or better are more popular.

Leather shoes that are in good condition unless you have a repair person that will give you a great deal. No Small sizes, they don't sell well. Size 9 or better are popular for men. Size 6 or better for women. We do especially well with clarks mules for women. 

Leather just about anything is worth a few bucks. We really like leather jackets. Those are the best money. You can make anywhere from 49 to 400 on leather jackets. Look for horse hide jackets, those are the 400 dollar jackets. Bomber type leather jackets are great.

Wool everything. Blankets, shirts, hats, jackets, coats, rugs and suits.

Miss me jeans sell for 40-60 dollars a pair. So do Rock and Revival jeans.

Silver brand and BKE jeans do well for 20-25 bucks. 

Burberry clothing sells good and is expensive.

True religion jeans are very expensive.

That's just some of the stuff we look for and if your just getting started this might give you some things to look for as well. 

Peace y'all

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  1. Hi from a Junkin' Disorderly Picker. in Kentucky........Imma gonna be on the look out for wool and leather this year.
    My goal is to treasure hunt for the best junk this year and actually do some listing verses just dreaming about it.