Saturday, February 7, 2015

eBay to Flea Market, Making the Transition.

This is the year I have decided to go full-time on eBay which is a very exciting thing but also a little scary when you've depended on that weekly paycheck for the last 35 years. While I am confident that eBay will more than replace my weekly check there is always a tiny chance we could be kicked off eBay for some future infraction of the rules.

Now I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like to take unnecessary chances so I like to hedge my bets. To that end we have just purchased a vendor booth at a local flea market. Now flea market vs eBay is completely different so just as with eBay we are enduring yet another learning curve.

What sells at flea markets consistently that we can source for cheap? I have no idea. What we did was take things that sell consistently on eBay to the flea market and now only time will tell. My plan is to setup vendor locations at several leave it and forget it flea markets where we don't have to be there to sell our stuff.

This is going to be an ongoing experiment. Do you sell at flea markets? What do you recommend we try? Any ideas appreciated, thank you.


Countdown to Freedom -9 months and counting


  1. What's a leave it and forget it flea market. Never heard of that before.

  2. It's a flea market that's completely run by a company. They take care of everything, you just bring in your merchandise and they sell it for you. You get a check either weekly or monthly depending on the company. You just keep your booth refilled as stuff sells or not, your paying a monthly fee for the booth so they get paid whether your filling it or not.

    1. You learn something new everyday. I've never heard of that before. Good luck with it!

  3. I do flea markets to get rid of my dud ebay merch and usually try and sell it for what I bought it for just to get my money back. I did one in Foley AL a couple of times where they give you a free spot on the first Sat of each month. There is an "upscale" flea market at the corner of 181 and 32 in Fairhope AL. They have high prices. Here is their FB page: They have "caravan" weekends where you can buy a spot outside for $30 for three days the first weekend of every month.

  4. I like this one because I don't have to be there to sell my stuff. We are doing pretty good so far, have actually been keeping pace with ebay sales but the items that sale are different than ebay. Mostly military items and cast iron stuff.