Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Flea Market Update plus eBay Shipping Tip

I wanted to share with you guys the first experiences I've had so far with the flea market. So we have been at the flea market now for eight days and in that time we have sold 9 items. We have sold two jackets (1 was a military flight jacket), three pair jeans, three name brand shirts and one pair of John Deere boots for a total of $227.00 out of which we will pay 5%and our booth cost us $56 per month so we are already making money. 

Me and the owner of the flea market are very friendly now and I was able to ask what seem to be selling the most but the owner could only tell me it was a little bit of everything nothing seemed to be predominate. He did tell me that furniture was bringing in the biggest prices and people did not seem to have a problem throwing down big dollars on antique furniture that they wanted.

This is going to be in ongoing experiment and learning curve for us as we have never dealt with flea markets before I have picked up on the idea of that this will be a place for us to pick up new merchandise for eBay because many of the vendors are undervaluing many of their antique or vintage items that I know I could get more money for on eBay, at least 50% on the low-end and sometimes 10 times my investment on other items.

Okay I don't want to completely bore you with what is happening at the flea market but it has been a very exciting time for us because it's new to us and I know some of you probably have already dealt with flea markets and this is not anything new to you but for us it is very exciting. 

Okay for the shipping tip I wanted to share I did discover that the magic dimension at which point your shipping cost through USPS priority mail goes through the roof is anything that exceeds the total of 12 x 12 x 12 or 36 total inches.

So you could have a 14 x 12 x 10 and still be okay or you could have and 18 x 10 x 8 and still be okay because if you add 14+12+10 you get 36 or if you add 18+10+8 you get 36. The moment you go to 37 total you are going to be looking at triple your shipping cost through USPS priority mail.

Maybe that will help someone down the road I don't know but I didn't know it so I thought I would share it. 


P.S. Countdown to freedom -9 months and counting

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  1. Glad to hear you're already making money at the flea market. Good luck!