Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quitting My Full Time Job and Going Full Time on eBay

I am still a little bit in shock over giving my notice to my former employer, my final day is June 20th. To be honest I'm still wanting to cling to that lifeline but this is an all or nothing deal as once done I can't go back. Not that I would ever want to anyway but they have my replacement in training now so there won't be a slot left to go back to.

If your on the fence about quitting your job because of the stability of income, need for insurance or other issues then trust me I fully understand. This has been a gut wrenching decision for me and not quickly or easily decided upon. I'm 54 years old and now my fate is in my own hands which is great but scary too.

For me the deciding factor was the potential for growth in income which could afford me and my wife of 32 years the life we have always wanted but never had. Where we live you either have or you don't and if your a have not then your never going to be a have because there is no job you could get here in this little town that would ever lead to that kind of life.

Yes we could move but all of our family is here and we don't want to leave them so for these many years we have simply put up with the status quo because there was no alternative for us. 

I'm no slacker by any stretch of the imagination, I routinely outwork 90% of my fellow workers simply because I am self motivated and dedicated to the task at hand. Now that I am working for myself I will be putting all that drive and attention into our business.

My wife will remain on her job until I have 2000 listing up which judging by our past performance on 500 listing should put us at a level high enough to pay all the bills and buy health insurance.

We have tried to get past that 500 mark doing this part time but with the schedules we work, it never happens. Ebay selling for me is not easy, I am a perfectionist when it comes to a listing, no flaw left out, ever angle of picture taken. I take pride in only having 2 returns in 2 years and that was because the items did not fit.

If your a religious person which I am then please pray for me because I believe in the power of prayer and I can use all the help I can get.

If your thinking about trying this too then this will be a great blog to watch as I begin I will let you know how things are going and what kind of problems I run into. 

Next Update will be after June 20th.

Thanks !

Friday, May 29, 2015

Are Your eBay Sights Too High ?

Living in certain parts of the country may be an unending source of great eBay fodder for those sellers who happen to live there but for the rest of us selling on eBay, sourcing for new merchandise can be a real challenge.

So you have looked at all the YouTube videos and watched all those cool haul videos but despite all of this you can't find a thing to sell like all those people are selling and life just doesn't seem fair? 

Well trust me, as someone who lives in one of those black hole parts of the country, there are things to find but you absolutely must lower your sights and look for the silver, not the gold. 

What I mean is instead of looking for things you can't find, start taking a real long look at the things you can find and then do research on those things.

As an example, where I live you won't find Patagonia or Pendleton brand shirts which are pretty high dollar finds and sell great but what we do have in abundance is wrangler and levi's brand shirts which are kind of lower end shirts but still have a decent sell rate and even though they are lower prices they still offer good sales.

Another good thing to do is bundle, so even if you have lower end merchandise you could bundle to hit the price point you need.

Happy picking!

Friday, May 15, 2015

WHO DAT !!!!!

If you're a fan of the BBC Broadcasting Network or if you are a science fiction fan then you have no doubt heard of the Doctor Who TV series which has been running for a very long time on the BBC. Some of the DVDs even recent ones are worth quite a bit of money if you can find them. One that I have had in particular was this one shown above "Doctor Who, the web planet".

Hardcore Doctor Who fans will pay up big time for these rare Doctor Who DVDs. I sold the one I had for $150.00 locally before I even had a chance to put it on eBay. I probably could have gotten more money on eBay for the DVD but I figured what the heck, don't have to ship it.

There are more Dr Who DVDs that are worth quite a bit of money if you go on eBay and search sold listings for Doctor Who DVD and look at the highest sold prices first. These are pretty hard to find so if you find one please drop me a line and let me know I would love to hear about it.

Later Gators,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sleepless in Mississippi

This post was deleted, it was just a personal message to a few people who read my blog to let them know what's up with us. No real useful information.