Friday, May 29, 2015

Are Your eBay Sights Too High ?

Living in certain parts of the country may be an unending source of great eBay fodder for those sellers who happen to live there but for the rest of us selling on eBay, sourcing for new merchandise can be a real challenge.

So you have looked at all the YouTube videos and watched all those cool haul videos but despite all of this you can't find a thing to sell like all those people are selling and life just doesn't seem fair? 

Well trust me, as someone who lives in one of those black hole parts of the country, there are things to find but you absolutely must lower your sights and look for the silver, not the gold. 

What I mean is instead of looking for things you can't find, start taking a real long look at the things you can find and then do research on those things.

As an example, where I live you won't find Patagonia or Pendleton brand shirts which are pretty high dollar finds and sell great but what we do have in abundance is wrangler and levi's brand shirts which are kind of lower end shirts but still have a decent sell rate and even though they are lower prices they still offer good sales.

Another good thing to do is bundle, so even if you have lower end merchandise you could bundle to hit the price point you need.

Happy picking!


  1. Good points. I rarely find designer labels in my area but i always find something to sell. Actually I found a pendleton shirt a couple of weeks ago for a buck. had some moth holes in it but it will still sell.

    1. Both of the pendleton shirts I have ever found both had moth holes in them, l still have them but never listed them, I guess I thought no one would want them with moth holes but I guess I need to dig those out and list them.

    2. I have sold shirts with moth holes for a lower price. I sold one shirt that had paint spatters all over it.

  2. I live in the black hole too (Lower Alabama). I've had better luck this spring with neighborhood yard sales. Last year I moved into a huge development with over 3000 homes and there's always a sale going on somewhere which is nice. I don't have to travel too far to find stuff, but it took a while for me to learn the ins and outs of the area. You can easily get lost once you enter the development. I recently scored 4 pairs of practically new Nike sneakers for $2 each.