Saturday, June 27, 2015

1st Week Full Time on Ebay

Since this was my first week selling full time I will be honest, I wasn't expecting too much but I have to say this week has been a pleasant surprise. With less than 360 items listed we made 354.00 for the week of June 21 - June 27

My full time job that I just left was paying me 430.00 per week after deductions so I'm pretty close to reaching the first goal of just replacing my own income. We will need double that to replace both me and my wife's income. 

Now next week could be a nothing week and I'm prepared for that if it happens it will be ok. I know we won't get a regular income from this that we can actually count on until our listing hit around the 2000 mark so that is what I intend on getting to as quickly as I can.

The Flea market has been horrible for the last 2 months and that is probably because I still have not found an item I can sell there consistently. I am considering just getting out of that market all-together.

Clothing continues to be our best sellers and we are getting into shoes now which accounted for 80.00 of our sales this week. I have been listing plush toys but none have sold yet. Plush toys may not be a good category to be in so I will have to wait and see on that. I find they are not well shopped in my area so I can find some of the more rare ones. 

Of course having a rare item that is not in demand doesn't pay the bills so it's just an experiment for now.

I Also got a booty load of Barney VHS tapes which I am going to sell as a set, I only paid 25 cents a piece for them so hoping I can put like 10 together for a sale price of around 25.00. 

That's about it for now, Thanks for reading and please come again !

See Ya !


  1. I think if you continue with your ebay plan, you'll be making much more than you did at your "real" job. It takes a lot of discipline and self motivation to work at home though. Life's daily events can sometimes take you off course. You're probably going to feel like you're working all the time because you probably will be. My husband is either busy making/creating his items for conventions, sourcing materials to make those items, spending time on social media keeping himself in the loop, researching new ideas and coming up with prototypes or he's on the road at conventions. Then there's the mowing the lawn and walking the dog type stuff too. I sell on ebay part time and I'll be starting a full time job in August. Although we moved south to be near the beach, we never seem to get there because we're always busy. Our Fridays and Saturdays are all about sourcing. Its something we can do together and when we have a good day finding stuff, we're really happy. Good luck. I know you can do it!

    1. Funny you should say it will feel like I am working all the time because that was the very first thing I noticed. The big difference for me is that I actually enjoy doing this as opposed to my old job so I don't mind putting the hours in. What's nice is that I can do it at my own pace without anyone stressing me to finish by a certain time. Thanks for the vote of confidence !

  2. Keep us informed on how you are doing. It's a dream of mine to do what you just did, but I just haven't had the courage to pull that particular trigger yet. My part-time goal is $100 per day across all venues (Amazon, Ebay, Half, Alibris, Biblio), plus whatever the antique booth adds monthly. I think that I would need to double that in order to quit my 8 to 5 job.

  3. Scott your right on what we feel like we are going to need, about 150.00 a day average. I of course hope to do better than that. One thing I now know to be true is this is a numbers game, the more inventory you have the more you make. I should hit 700 items by the end of July and 1000 by the end of August allowing for sales of around 200 items during that time. It is a scary thing to walk away from a full time job with benefits to do this but for me there was just no option, I'm getting older and my old job was better suited to a younger me ��