Sunday, July 5, 2015

Doing Other Work This Last Week

Really nothing the report this week eBay wise as I have been doing contract work all week. I had a contract job waiting on me so I just knocked it out this last week so I can give my full attention to eBay. 

So I sold 123.00 for last week, not listing anything all week long and still have around 360 items in the store. 

If our sales hold true we will sell about 10% of what we list each week so if I list 30 things a day I should sell 3 things a day. That's my theory anyway, just need to put it to the test now.

If 3 things a day do sell with an average sale price of 20.00 then we should do around 400.00 a week to start. As our number of total listings increase we should begin to sell greater numbers of older listings which should push that 400.00 a week mark upward.

Now you might be wondering why we are only selling 20.00 items ? well where we live that is about the best you hope to find on a regular basis. So that is the number we are stuck with for the moment. 

We do find on RARE occasions some higher dollar items but those are far and few between. Here in the magnolia state your just not going to find anything great most of the time because here in this, the poorest of states, the thrift stores are pretty much being shopped out every week.

Once we have enough money coming in to sustain us we will begin taking long trips to source far outside of the confines our our state and that is when it should begin to get really interesting.

Ok Thats it for this week, next week I will report on what we made for the week doing 30 items a day.


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  1. forget the 30 items a day, lol, I can do about 15-20 max. 15 is about my average. We now have about 400 items listed.