Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 3 Selling Full Time on Ebay

This week I made $378.00 from all self employment sources

             eBay - $228.00
contract work - $150.00

  Current listings - 429
Weeks Sold Item - 13
Average price Sold - $17

Now again, yes I have a lower average price sold than many other sellers but it's the area we live in. That's just the numbers we are stuck with for the moment. We will at some point start to go on picks outside our state. Just need to get our income up to finance that.

I'm still struggling to get new items listed, it's not my strong point. The biggest problem I have right now is the heat. I have to work out of a storage locker to do my photos because I have no room at home and these 100+ degree days make it impossible to work in the daytime so I am forced to work overnight which is just not working too well. Even though I have a climate controlled storage locker the temperature is not comfortable, its fine for your things but not cool for us humans at around 80 degrees. It's just too hot to work in and I guess I am a bit spoiled too.

Anyway, it's making it slower but I am still managing to get new listings up despite all the problems and the things we are picking ARE SELLING so that's good. I mean when your in a thrift store or at an estate sale and there are all these things around you that could sell you have to decide whats good and whats junk. Trust me it's easy to fill your store with crap that will never sell. I know because we did it. Now with a a couple years of experience we are doing a much better job of staying away from the junk.

I have just listed a router and I have a few more routers and modems to list, I'm not sure how those will do, I'll let you know. I sold a book for $16.00, not bad for a 50 cent investment. Still loving books, those are most definitely on my radar. My wife is on ladies shoes, mens and ladies boots, those are her favorite items to pick. 

On a sour note, I had to upset a friend a little, he knows we sell things on ebay and wanted me to sell some of his old junk for a commission. I told him we don't sell by commission but I might buy his things if they were nice and the price was right. He named a big price for some really not great merchandise so I told him I wasn't interested and he kinda got mad. I told him I would help him setup an ebay account but he was not even a little but interested in doing that.

Oh well, I doubt that will be the last friend I have to upset because of the same thing. I just have decided to keep our ebay selling a little lower key around friends.

I guess that's about it for the last week, not much else to tell, we had a great time picking on the Gulf Coast again, that is always fun. I guess I better try to get the next 10 items listed so off I go.

Laters !


  1. Your situation with your friend has happened to me many times with friends as well as family. They think their items are worth a lot when they aren't and they get upset when you tell them that. I've both offered to buy them out or show them how to use ebay and they decline both. I actually did sell on commission for a while, but it wasn't worth the trouble. I pretty much keep my ebaying to myself when I'm around other people now. It sucks, but that's why we have blogs. ;-)

  2. I don't do consignment. It's not worth the hassle and if I am going to work listing an item, I want to get all the profit, not just half. The heat is awful. I list mostly indoors but in the morning I list outside for the lighting. But..... I am a sweaty mess in about 5 minutes. HaHa.

  3. yeah I agree, it's just not worth the hassle to do consignment. I'm trying to skip around what i do for a living around friends now.