Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 4 Selling Full Time on Ebay

Ebay Items Sold - 8 
Items Listed - 445
Total Sales - $225.00
Avg price sold - $28.00
Contract Work - $120.00
Flea Market Sales - $100.00
Total for week - $435.00

So this was an ok week, nothing special but we made what we needed to. I did not list that much this last week. I had a week of feeling the pressures of self employment. 

I constantly find myself questioning whether we are picking the right items for sale because nothing is selling for a day or two and then things start selling and I feel better about the choices we have made.

Ok I will admit I didn't get much done this last week on listings, I got a little case of the ebay lazies but I am feeling much better now and should get myself going strong this week.

Gotta get back to it so laters !



  1. Sometimes its just hard to stay motivated as an eBay seller. I have weeks where I am a listing fool,and then thee are weeks that I am over it. :)

    Hope you get your listing groove back!