Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chronicles of a New Full Time eBay Seller, The Story Continues Week 13

This last week we made 348.00 from our eBay sales and we sold 30 items. We had a low average price, less than 10.00 per sale because of our 40% off sale but we made what we needed to pay our bills and really that is what it comes down to. 

So ...
348.00 eBay
250.00 Contract Work
598.00 Weeks Total

I have mixed emotions about this last week because we had to take such drastic measures to get sales. On one hand it was great to get the sales but on the other I find myself questioning whether or not I have the kind of stuff in my store that people really want.

 The thing that sucks about where we live is that there is not an abundance of great items that people are overlooking here. About the only thing you can get here is clothing which sucks because as a general rule these are going to be 10 to $20 items and trying to make a living on 10 to $20 items is extremely difficult.

 We want to venture father out but at present money is an issue so we will have to wait until our store is at least making enough money to pay most of our bills at which point my wife can quit her job we can cash in her 401K and that will give us the money we need to go to the next level.

At any rate we are making progress and our store continues to grow despite the slow growth rate.

The way we are doing it now I am taking pictures on one day I'm making drafts on one day and then I'm doing listings on one day so I do this process twice a week and I'm able to put up about 20-30 listings each time so about 40 to 60 listings a week if I'm diligent which I'm not always diligent :-)

 On a positive note I just started a new etsy store which I have about 15 items in at present. I haven't sold anything in there yet but we are getting quite a few views I've had some inquiries and several likes. The sales in our flea market booth have continued to diminish so I've decided to put the money into etsy rather than the flea market.

 Listing on Etsy is so much faster you wouldn't believe and it's tempting to just build on that rather than my eBay Store but I know my future is with eBay so that's where I'm going to put the majority of my time.

 Anyway that's it for now.  As always thank you for reading :-)



  1. I'm glad to hear you opened an Etsy store and that you like it.What's the name of your store so I can follow you?

    1. sent you an email with the store name from your blog contact form. Let me know if you don't get it.

  2. I will say I am kind of lost on etsy. Its going to take some getting used to to understand how the whole community works there. I feel like I am not completely getting it yet :-)