Saturday, September 5, 2015

Final Entry From A Beginner Full Time Seller on eBay, Mistakes and Good Decisions

So we are now about 2 months in as full time eBay sellers and here are some things I have learned.  Over the last 2 months I have come to understand that you can overload yourself with work and that is counterproductive when it comes to eBay so you need to find your own personal pace and do not go beyond that. 

 I found myself getting so overwhelmed with work that I was getting nothing done.  For me at least it does not work to do more than one task per day so one day I'm doing photography,  one day I'm doing drafts and one day I'm doing listings.  I will repeat this process throughout the week and I'm not saying that this is what's best for everyone I'm just saying is what is working for me.

 When I first started doing this I was trying to do the entire process from beginning to end in one day. For me this was a major mistake because I got nothing done.  For me my second mistake was offering global shipping on items that I might want back from the global shipping program . I like offering global shipping on things that I don't mind losing to scammers but those have to be things that I paid very little for.

 My reason for this is very simple, the one thing they don't tell you when you involve yourself in the global shipping program is that if someone needs to return something and is due to you're not telling them something ie. item not as described then you are responsible for paying to get that items back which includes all import fees which can be expensive. Of course you can always tell the customer to just keep the item and refund their money without it being returned but this only works if you can afford to lose the item.

I'm sure there are plenty of eBayers reading this  that will disagree with this philosophy and I'm not saying that this is what's best for everyone I'm only saying it's what works for me.

 I think this will be my last entry on the subject of getting started on eBay because I think by now you have a pretty good idea of how it works. My advice to anyone who would attempt to do what I have done is make sure you have the savings to support yourself for at least 6 months or it's going to be a major struggle. 

The best decision I made was doing daily 3-4 hours of contract work to go with my ebay business. If I did not have my contract work we would have been in trouble while I am still learning this business as that now provides us with 1000.00 a month alone. We could probably make it without it, but it would be much harder.

 I would say for sure do not quit your job until you are very comfortable that what you are selling does sell and that you can repeat it month after month. Don't be afraid to leave your city to look for new merchandise because your own city might dry up if your hitting it everyday unless it's a really big city.

 It was touch and go for a while but things are looking up and we have reached our first goal which is just too pay our bills and do that on a regular basis.  My hope is that this journal will be helpful to someone who is thinking is trying this themselves to not jump in until they are ready.

So what's next? Amazon ? Etsy ? Heck I dunno, just now got this thing under control so I think I will just breath for the moment. This has been the scariest and the most exciting time I think I have ever had in my life and it's great!  I love it and for me, I could never go back.

I can't believe I am 54 years old and sitting at the house doing whatever I want, it's like a dream. My wife will be quitting her job next but that will have to wait until we reach our next goal of 4500.00 from eBay.

I wonder what our business will look like in 5 years? lol

Thanks for taking the ride with us :-)
Tony and Deidre


  1. I hope you will still post updates on how things are going or whatever other topics you want to write about. I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Thank you Nancy,that was very kind of you to say. I will try to do that every now and again. I thought I would try posting about the things that are working for us and maybe about what didn't work for us, lol

    For exampIe, I did a neat little experiment with some inconclusive results, I tried lowering the price on 6 ebay items I have for sale that had more than 3 watchers on them and 1 of them sold so was that because I lowered it or was it just the timing? I dunno but next I think I want to try Terminal99's method of starting new listings on 7 days auction and then if they don't sell put them on good till cancelled. Things like this, I dunno maybe someone will find it interesting

    Thanks for the comment !

  3. Lets us know how your new schedule works out!

    1. I will do that. I can tell you my productivity has increased by at least 75%. Let me get the numbers together and I will make a post on the subject. Thanks for asking :-)

  4. i want to apologize for taking so long to respond at times, I get caught up in day to day chores and just forget to look but i do come back to look when things are semi calm, thanks !