Friday, September 11, 2015


This was the best news we could have ever gotten as eBay rolls out the 2015 fall seller update, it looks like the antiquated defect system has finally been put to rest.  Looking over the new rules it's obvious that there are still rules to follow but they are easy rules to follow if you are a good seller.

 I looked over the rules that they have set and they are all within the sellers control.  Basically it goes like this.

*  ship when you say you're going to ship and make sure your shipments to the post office are scanned in.
*  resolve problems with buyers without making eBay get involved. If someone wants to return something then let them return it and don't fight the return. Issue refunds and don't make eBay force you to do it.
*  if you have a listing up then make sure you have that inventory in stock and don't cancel transactions because you didn't have the thing in.

 They have lowered the threshold for Top rated seller status to .50% for defects but the only defects that count against you now are the ones that are well within your control.

 When the new system goes into effect in February 2016 any defects that you currently have that do not fall within the new guidelines will be wiped clean by eBay.  This is a great day for all eBay sellers as eBay is actually listening to it's sellers again and that is a good thing.

 One thing that is changing is that you will now need to offer a 30 day returns to maintain Top rated seller status as opposed to the current 14.  Personally I have no problem with any of the changes that eBay is making because they are all good. As a new full-time eBay seller I can't tell you how good I felt when I saw all the changes that are coming up because when your living depends on an online platform you feel helpless and afraid of what might happen due to things that are out of your control.

 As I said before all the defects are within your control as a seller now and it's up to you whether you stay or go.

GOOD JOB EBAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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