Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Are DOOMED !!!!

 Well it's September and sales have been miserable for the first half of this month. I think on the first week of this month we made a grand total of $297 and on the second week we made a grand total of $83.77.  Things were going so good at the first of the month that we decided to splurge a little on ourselves and we spent about $150 of that so when the second week hit those low numbers we were completely unprepared for it.

 I gotta tell you I was in panic mode because now online sales are my income, my livelihood, what I have to have to pay our bills and to let us eat, buy gasoline all those things.  If you've never been self employed and depended on the income from that self employment and pay your bills you probably really won't relate to this very much but if you've ever been in this situation then you will definitely know what I was feeling.

 Okay so I'm freaking out and kinda at a loss of what to do so my cool calm and collected wife Deidre says why not have a sale?  I sit there and think for a moment and I said yeah why don't we have a sale that's a great idea.  So that's exactly what I did the sale started last Sunday the 13th and we have already made $208 this week which will be our best week ever.

 Crisis averted, panic subsiding.

 So what have we learned from this? A good wife is worth her weight in gold :-)

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