Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chronicles of a New Full Time eBay Seller, The Story Continues Week 18

So this is my 18th week selling full time on eBay and I felt like it was time for a progress check. Now when I started this full time back in June I had deleted almost 200 entries on eBay because they were old items that I felt were just junk. When we started this back in 2014 we started off just selling stuff we had around the house and most of it was pretty much really just junk so I got rid of it because it was taking up valuable space in my store and at present my limit is only 1200 items and I wanted better quality higher priced items filling that space.

 The good news is it worked because it had an immediate effect on our weekly income from eBay but the bad news is I have been unable to overtake the sales with my new listings. Thus I am still under 500 items.

Well when I started this as a full-time eBay seller in June I thought at that time I would be able to, on my own, exceed the sales but clearly that has not happened so it is now time for phase 2, getting help. 

My wife wanted to help me since I started doing this full time but I would not let her because I wanted to see what one person could do if something were to happen to one of us and now I know that once you have your inventory at the number you want even an older single person could easily maintain that inventory. So this is a viable option for retirement which is where we are headed. I did not want us to get into something we would be unable to maintain if one of us were to get sick or even pass away.

So starting this week my wife will begin helping me with listings and we hope to be well over the 1000 mark by the end of this year. That is a target we must hit before we go to phase 3.

This is probably really boring information to someone who is trying to learn about eBay and really it is just a chronicle of what's going on in my life at this time. If you're looking for what to sell and that kind of information honestly I don't know what to tell you because I'm still learning myself. The dynamics of my store are changing almost on a daily basis so for me to try to tell someone else how exactly to make this work would be pretty arrogant of me.

 I have had successes and I have had failures and it is a learning experience with every failure and with every success so maybe in another year I will have the beginnings of the knowledge required to advise someone else what to do. Everytime I think I've got this thing figured out I don't. I have heard many people say just buy what you like but that is really not true in all cases because if what you like doesn't sell well or isn't worth much, then you're going to fail.

 We had a really good week last week and sold $526 worth on eBay and I made $250 from contract work so $776 for the week. All of our home bills are paid and now everything we're making is profit. Our highest items sold was a Vintage leather biker jacket that was sold for $111 on best offer.

 I have been up and down on clothing because while it does sell well it doesn't always sell for very much money but clothing is our bread and butter category because that is the one thing that we have an abundant supply of here in Mississippi so while I may not be a huge fan of clothing it will most definitely always be a big part of our store and for all those people who say clothing sucks I agree but it pays our bills so I am not going to be getting away from it.

I hope you have been having great sales and as always I thank you for reading.

see ya !
Tony aka Mississippi Picker

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 17 Another Sale on Etsy and Running Low on Inventory

Our 2nd Sale on Etsy !!! was a pair of 60s era pillowcases that had big flowers all over them which we sold for 15.00 YAY !

We had another really great week on eBay this last week we made 456.00 for the week and we made another 15.00 on Etsy. Sales were pretty strong all week, seems like they have slowed a bit toward the weekend but same thing happened week before last.

Our best sale was a pair of military boots which sold for 50.00 on best offer. Our strangest sale was a pet screw but hey I'm not judging lol. This was another very strong week for us and all of our bills for the month are theoretically paid however I have run into a problem of having a lack of new inventory to list so tomorrow we will be making a trek to the Gulf Coast which is where we get the bulk of our inventory.

 I have decided to use $200 of our income to put on new inventory. This should get us about 75 - 100 items and that will be enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I really hate to use the money but we've come to a point to where all we have left are low dollar items and I really don't wanna build my store with low dollar items. Honestly there's not a lot of stuff around here that is going to sell for over $40 ( that I currently know of ) but there are however plenty of things that will sell for $20 - $30 so that's what we're looking for. 

Nope still not over 500, lol, That's all I'm going to say haha

As always thanks for reading, 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chronicles of a New Full Time eBay Seller, The Story Continues Week 16

We had a fantastic week and I find myself asking ... so would this have happened anyway or is it because of all the extra work put in to listing this last week? I don't have an answer.

If you have been reading my blog then you know I have been struggling with listing. This last week I put up 40 items and I sold 28 items. I am running a little behind the last 10 will be put up today for a total of 50 new listing for the week.

We are still fighting the low average price sold monster and that is mainly due to our lack of knowledge on what sells for great prices that you can find for cheap in our area. Still even if we continued to build our store on what we are able to scrounge up with our novice knowledge we would be able to make a living at around 2500 listings.

This last week we sold 406.00 on ebay and 10.00 on etsy and we made 46.00 from flea market sales and i made 250.00 in contract labor, for a total of $712.00 for the week !!! This was our best week to date.

Every week I have the same feeling, well we have sold all the stuff anyone is going to want and now all we have left is junk. The thing is every week stuff sells and this happens week after week. I just can't seem to get comfortable with that or lose that feeling that its all about to end.

The really great news is we are only 400.00 away from paying all our bills for the month and we have 3 weeks to go !!! YESSS

Ok your going to probably laugh but because of all the sales we made this last week I am still not over that dang 500 mark on our listing. When I finish my listing today I will have 488 :-(

That 500 is my nemesis.

Well That's about all I have for now, we sold nearly all clothing this last week and for an average price of 14.50 each so not a great average price sold but I can't complain, its money

In non clothing we sold a set of 4 napkin rings for 23.00, a salt and pepper set for 10.00, a colecovision flashback for 14.00 and a how to train your dragon action figure for 18.00. I still feel like we are missing the big sales by specializing in clothing. Oh well at least we are surviving and that we need to be grateful for. 

Until next time, Thanks for reading !

Monday, October 5, 2015

Let Loose The Balloons !!!! My First Etsy Sale

Yep we had our very first sell on Etsy yesterday and even though it was only a $10 sale it was very exciting to get that sale on another platform. Right now I only have 17 things in my Etsy store so selling anything was pretty amazing. I'm really getting into the non clothing vintage merchandise and plan on really expanding our Etsy store. I'm not saying that Etsy is better than eBay or the eBay is better than Etsy. They both have their positives and they both have their negatives. I will say I like them both pretty much equally.

What I sold was a vintage Mickey Mouse Goofy watch that didn't have a good battery in it so I did not know if it ran or not. I sold it as-is and someone bought it.  Anyway that one sale looks good on my Etsy store page so I'm happy about that. We had 12 things sell over the weekend on eBay so I have a lot of packing to do now. The only bad thing is we are now down to 466 listing. 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, grrrrr. No problem, I know what I have to do and I will.

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Being a Full Time eBay Seller is a Real Job

For week ending October 3rd 2015 we made $267 from our eBay sales and we have 475 things listed.  We sold 17 items this last week and had an average price sold of $15.70

This last month has been an eye opening experience for us. Ever since I quit my job I don't think I have thought of eBay as a real job. Don't get me wrong I have always known about how much work was involved but it always seems like you can just stop and go as you please regardless of how much you've gotten done. My opinion on that has changed largely due to the progress we have made to this point.

 As I look at how much our store has grown for the last 2 months with me working full time on eBay I can see that I have made very little progress. We started this 2 months ago just under 500 items and now we are still at that same level so all I have done is just replenish what we have sold. I think you if you're doing this for a living you have to take it seriously and stop putting off work day after day just because you can.

 Starting Monday I will be treating my eBay business as a real job with real goals and real expectations. I have decided on a 10 item a day minimum. Now some people might think that that is low and I should be doing more but now I know that is the limit to what I can do on any given day . Sure I can throw up a bunch of inventory quickly but that would mean no quality control (checking the item for defects, smells, etc) and not much thought into pricing or titles, keywords, you name it. 

 Between the photography, research, quality control and the actual listing I pretty much am at my limit at 10 each day. If I had someone helping me I'm sure I could double that number but I don't at this time so 10 is the number that I am stuck with for now. My work days are Monday through Friday and no matter what is going on I have to hit that goal before ending my day.  Saturday and Sunday I rest.

 We continue to have decent sales but my inventory numbers have barely increased over what they have been all along so I have to change that if we are to continue doing this for a living. Becoming self-motivated is much more difficult than you may think. I didn't personally think it would be very difficult but it has become my own personal struggle.

 On a final note I think we need to get away from clothing as the main theme of our store. There are just too many people selling clothing on eBay for us to remain competitive in this market. The main problem for us is that we have only always sold clothing and it's all we pretty much know at this point so now I'm tasked with learning to sell other items besides clothing.

 It took us almost 2 years to learn about brands and styles of clothing and now it feels like we are starting over but I know this is necessary for the survival of our store.  What seems to come so easy for some people is definitely a struggle for us because clothing is all we know. We are definitely not going to stop selling clothing altogether because we need that as a base for our continued sales but we will be branching out into more weird one of a kind items.

We definitely need a mix.

As always thank you for reading,