Saturday, October 3, 2015

Being a Full Time eBay Seller is a Real Job

For week ending October 3rd 2015 we made $267 from our eBay sales and we have 475 things listed.  We sold 17 items this last week and had an average price sold of $15.70

This last month has been an eye opening experience for us. Ever since I quit my job I don't think I have thought of eBay as a real job. Don't get me wrong I have always known about how much work was involved but it always seems like you can just stop and go as you please regardless of how much you've gotten done. My opinion on that has changed largely due to the progress we have made to this point.

 As I look at how much our store has grown for the last 2 months with me working full time on eBay I can see that I have made very little progress. We started this 2 months ago just under 500 items and now we are still at that same level so all I have done is just replenish what we have sold. I think you if you're doing this for a living you have to take it seriously and stop putting off work day after day just because you can.

 Starting Monday I will be treating my eBay business as a real job with real goals and real expectations. I have decided on a 10 item a day minimum. Now some people might think that that is low and I should be doing more but now I know that is the limit to what I can do on any given day . Sure I can throw up a bunch of inventory quickly but that would mean no quality control (checking the item for defects, smells, etc) and not much thought into pricing or titles, keywords, you name it. 

 Between the photography, research, quality control and the actual listing I pretty much am at my limit at 10 each day. If I had someone helping me I'm sure I could double that number but I don't at this time so 10 is the number that I am stuck with for now. My work days are Monday through Friday and no matter what is going on I have to hit that goal before ending my day.  Saturday and Sunday I rest.

 We continue to have decent sales but my inventory numbers have barely increased over what they have been all along so I have to change that if we are to continue doing this for a living. Becoming self-motivated is much more difficult than you may think. I didn't personally think it would be very difficult but it has become my own personal struggle.

 On a final note I think we need to get away from clothing as the main theme of our store. There are just too many people selling clothing on eBay for us to remain competitive in this market. The main problem for us is that we have only always sold clothing and it's all we pretty much know at this point so now I'm tasked with learning to sell other items besides clothing.

 It took us almost 2 years to learn about brands and styles of clothing and now it feels like we are starting over but I know this is necessary for the survival of our store.  What seems to come so easy for some people is definitely a struggle for us because clothing is all we know. We are definitely not going to stop selling clothing altogether because we need that as a base for our continued sales but we will be branching out into more weird one of a kind items.

We definitely need a mix.

As always thank you for reading,


  1. I get really frustrated with clothing. I recently bought 4 nice quality fishing shirts at an estate sale. They looked really nice, but when I was ready to photograph them, I noticed spots and small flaws I hadn't seen before. Good thing I only paid $1 each for them. I've had better luck with shoes and sneakers, but with those, they have to be new or almost new or I won't buy them. I've had some really good sales the last few weeks both on ebay and etsy. Christmas decor items are selling now so you may want to think about that.

  2. I have a few Christmas items I could put up, I will definitely try that, thanks ! We do well with boots but they are hard to find for good prices.

  3. It's one of those things that a lot of people fall into when they decide to make Ebay a full time job. It still takes at least 40 hours a week but the great think is that 1. you get to pick which 40 hours you work., 2. There is no time wasted in a daily commute and 3. You can do it in your jammies. Good Luck! Even 10 items a day would become about 220 a month.

  4. Thanks for those words Cara, I am more determined than ever to make this work. I just don't think I can go back to retail.

  5. Appreciate your candor and honesty!

    You have the motivation, so you can do it !

    I find that keeping a daily log helps. I track my listings in the am and listings in the pm, as well as sales for the day. It just takes a few minutes each day, but it is very helpful. Then at the end of each month, I record the totals for the month and it helps me se clearly whether or not I am moving forward or losing traction in terms of increasing my number of listings. Good luck!

    1. I sometimes have that shoe stuck in the Mississippi mud feeling for sure. I'm working on it Pat !

  6. Tony, You will get there!! Keep up the hard work, and keep tweaking your processes, as you already are, and it will happen for you, I am quite confident.

    I had 2 months of backsliding this summer, and just got busy in September, and plan to keep going with an increased number of listings every day, to hopefully hit my end of the year goal for listings. I find that if I keep tweaking, eventually a new change makes my listing process go faster. That's my bottleneck, also - so enjoying your journey, as I am totally in the same boat of trying to get faster & post more listings - it's quite the challenge, even though it's just "data entry" - ha!