Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chronicles of a New Full Time eBay Seller, The Story Continues Week 16

We had a fantastic week and I find myself asking ... so would this have happened anyway or is it because of all the extra work put in to listing this last week? I don't have an answer.

If you have been reading my blog then you know I have been struggling with listing. This last week I put up 40 items and I sold 28 items. I am running a little behind the last 10 will be put up today for a total of 50 new listing for the week.

We are still fighting the low average price sold monster and that is mainly due to our lack of knowledge on what sells for great prices that you can find for cheap in our area. Still even if we continued to build our store on what we are able to scrounge up with our novice knowledge we would be able to make a living at around 2500 listings.

This last week we sold 406.00 on ebay and 10.00 on etsy and we made 46.00 from flea market sales and i made 250.00 in contract labor, for a total of $712.00 for the week !!! This was our best week to date.

Every week I have the same feeling, well we have sold all the stuff anyone is going to want and now all we have left is junk. The thing is every week stuff sells and this happens week after week. I just can't seem to get comfortable with that or lose that feeling that its all about to end.

The really great news is we are only 400.00 away from paying all our bills for the month and we have 3 weeks to go !!! YESSS

Ok your going to probably laugh but because of all the sales we made this last week I am still not over that dang 500 mark on our listing. When I finish my listing today I will have 488 :-(

That 500 is my nemesis.

Well That's about all I have for now, we sold nearly all clothing this last week and for an average price of 14.50 each so not a great average price sold but I can't complain, its money

In non clothing we sold a set of 4 napkin rings for 23.00, a salt and pepper set for 10.00, a colecovision flashback for 14.00 and a how to train your dragon action figure for 18.00. I still feel like we are missing the big sales by specializing in clothing. Oh well at least we are surviving and that we need to be grateful for. 

Until next time, Thanks for reading !


  1. I get that same feeling. Must have sold all the good stuff by now…..

  2. Conrats on your fantastic week! I had great sales last weekend, but not one sale since Wednesday. It's never consistent. Makes me crazy. Keep listing. You'll hit that 500 eventually. :-)

    1. Iv'e been battling that 500 for a year. Every time I get close it escapes.

  3. Good job - Congrats!!

    Once you get comfortable at the current pace, I bet it won't be long before you find yourself increasing your number of listings even more, and more. It takes a bit of time, but you seem to be hitting your stride, which is great to see !!

    1. Thanks Pat, I am looking for ways to cut down the time it takes me to go from A to Z in the process. This has been another crazy week again, we have already sold over 300.00 this week. All our home bills are nearly paid for the month. It's been insane, my post office wanted to know what the heck u selling. On eBay lol

      Having fun and just loving it. Thanks for the comment Pat !

  4. Great to hear you have had such a successful week!

    I definitely think that you are reaping the rewards for your hard work with those listings. I find it is always difficult to get over a certain number of listings per day, but I have upped my average per day and after I feel comfortable with this pace, I hope to up it again. Just like you, I am constantly looking for ways to refine the process. I set a goal of increasing my listings to a certain amount by the end of the year, and I hope to make that goal - so I am right with you on this journey. But as long as we are having fun, that's the most important thing ... Well, and making money, of course - ha!