Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chronicles of a New Full Time eBay Seller, The Story Continues Week 18

So this is my 18th week selling full time on eBay and I felt like it was time for a progress check. Now when I started this full time back in June I had deleted almost 200 entries on eBay because they were old items that I felt were just junk. When we started this back in 2014 we started off just selling stuff we had around the house and most of it was pretty much really just junk so I got rid of it because it was taking up valuable space in my store and at present my limit is only 1200 items and I wanted better quality higher priced items filling that space.

 The good news is it worked because it had an immediate effect on our weekly income from eBay but the bad news is I have been unable to overtake the sales with my new listings. Thus I am still under 500 items.

Well when I started this as a full-time eBay seller in June I thought at that time I would be able to, on my own, exceed the sales but clearly that has not happened so it is now time for phase 2, getting help. 

My wife wanted to help me since I started doing this full time but I would not let her because I wanted to see what one person could do if something were to happen to one of us and now I know that once you have your inventory at the number you want even an older single person could easily maintain that inventory. So this is a viable option for retirement which is where we are headed. I did not want us to get into something we would be unable to maintain if one of us were to get sick or even pass away.

So starting this week my wife will begin helping me with listings and we hope to be well over the 1000 mark by the end of this year. That is a target we must hit before we go to phase 3.

This is probably really boring information to someone who is trying to learn about eBay and really it is just a chronicle of what's going on in my life at this time. If you're looking for what to sell and that kind of information honestly I don't know what to tell you because I'm still learning myself. The dynamics of my store are changing almost on a daily basis so for me to try to tell someone else how exactly to make this work would be pretty arrogant of me.

 I have had successes and I have had failures and it is a learning experience with every failure and with every success so maybe in another year I will have the beginnings of the knowledge required to advise someone else what to do. Everytime I think I've got this thing figured out I don't. I have heard many people say just buy what you like but that is really not true in all cases because if what you like doesn't sell well or isn't worth much, then you're going to fail.

 We had a really good week last week and sold $526 worth on eBay and I made $250 from contract work so $776 for the week. All of our home bills are paid and now everything we're making is profit. Our highest items sold was a Vintage leather biker jacket that was sold for $111 on best offer.

 I have been up and down on clothing because while it does sell well it doesn't always sell for very much money but clothing is our bread and butter category because that is the one thing that we have an abundant supply of here in Mississippi so while I may not be a huge fan of clothing it will most definitely always be a big part of our store and for all those people who say clothing sucks I agree but it pays our bills so I am not going to be getting away from it.

I hope you have been having great sales and as always I thank you for reading.

see ya !
Tony aka Mississippi Picker


  1. Love your blog! Clothing definitely doesn't suck. It's the easiest thing to buy and sell....for me anyway. Really just about knowing which brands to sell. Wish I could sell more non-clothing items.

  2. Thanks and I do agree clothing does sell very well. Brands are definitely key. Selling non clothing for high dollar helps get that weekly average up or you can just turn and burn on clothing but wow that is so much work. Thanks for the comment !

  3. Really nice week! I find that most of the high dollar earners on ebay are all clothing resellers. I have lots and lots of bins of clothing that I need to tackle. But I do prefer non clothing items.