Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 17 Another Sale on Etsy and Running Low on Inventory

Our 2nd Sale on Etsy !!! was a pair of 60s era pillowcases that had big flowers all over them which we sold for 15.00 YAY !

We had another really great week on eBay this last week we made 456.00 for the week and we made another 15.00 on Etsy. Sales were pretty strong all week, seems like they have slowed a bit toward the weekend but same thing happened week before last.

Our best sale was a pair of military boots which sold for 50.00 on best offer. Our strangest sale was a pet screw but hey I'm not judging lol. This was another very strong week for us and all of our bills for the month are theoretically paid however I have run into a problem of having a lack of new inventory to list so tomorrow we will be making a trek to the Gulf Coast which is where we get the bulk of our inventory.

 I have decided to use $200 of our income to put on new inventory. This should get us about 75 - 100 items and that will be enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I really hate to use the money but we've come to a point to where all we have left are low dollar items and I really don't wanna build my store with low dollar items. Honestly there's not a lot of stuff around here that is going to sell for over $40 ( that I currently know of ) but there are however plenty of things that will sell for $20 - $30 so that's what we're looking for. 

Nope still not over 500, lol, That's all I'm going to say haha

As always thanks for reading, 


  1. Great week of sales - congratulations!

    You always need to invest in your business, to keep it going - that's money well-spent. Perhaps you can break that 500 barrier with the new inventory. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Pat, the whole thing seems like a train that could stop any moment.

  3. Perhaps you feel that way now, but eventually you will realize that it's like a train going down the tracks, so get on board and enjoy the ride. Whenever I take time off from listing, as I did this weekend, it takes me a while to get back into the routine, but it always comes back to me, and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from listing so much now that it's actually my favorite part of ebay. Shopping used to be my favorite part, and I would always remind myself that my customers are counting on me to find good things for them, and I need to do just that. And I am sure your customers expect the same from you.

  4. Interesting that you are running low on inventory. That's a good think I guess. For me, it's too much inventory and not enough listing!

  5. I agree Margaret - I have never been caught up on listing everything, since the first day that I started listing on EBay. And I have even tried limiting my shopping trips, which was helpful. At my house, it seems like everything just multiplies on its own, so I cannot imagine running out; what a great problem to have - one that I will never experience!