Friday, November 13, 2015

Are You Having Slow Ebay Sales?

If you're experiencing slower than average sales this holiday season then you are in good company because many eBay sellers are experiencing this phenomena this holiday season. The reason for the slow down could be due to any number of economic factors but that doesn't help the fact that things are slow right now. So what can you do to increase your sales? I think the only answer for this is just to list more merchandise. The price of the merchandise does not seem to be a real factor as I see things selling at high prices and at low prices, so the deciding factor seems to be the merchandise itself. Is it something that someone is searching for right now?

 There are so many new places on the internet this holiday season for people to purchase online merchandise that it has to be playing a part in what we are perceiving as a slow season. If you have some advice to pass on that may be helpful then by all means comment below.

As always thanks for reading!

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  1. Things have been kind of slow for me, by my listings have been slow too..meaning very few! I listed 35 things in Sept. 14 in October and 12 so far in November. And sales haven't been too horrible. But I think you are right. It depends on what you're selling and where the right buyer is out there looking for your stuff. We'll see how it continues!