Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blog Wars Episode 1

Once upon a time in a blog far far away there was a small group of eBay sellers that believed in the notion of sharing knowledge so they founded a very nice blog. The group being small was glad to have any new contributors so it was very inclusionary and everyone felt welcome but as time went on the blog begin to grow and the few voices that were once welcome were silenced by all the new voices and they began to be shunned as the new voices became more popular and more interesting.

When this happened the old voices started to disappear because they did not want to be where they did not feel welcome. The blog continued to grow but the founding members soon parted ways as their philosophies were not in sync. Sometimes some of the old voices would try to come back to be heard but they were simply ignored because they were not interesting anymore.

Now the old voices were very sad the original founding members had parted ways and that the other founding members that stayed had become very exclusionary and intolerant. The old voices were very grateful for what they had learned over the years from all of the founding members but they decided it was best if they simply left the blog to the new voices.

This was very painful for the old voices because they felt like they were part of the success of the blog but it was clear that they were no longer wanted. Shame fell on the blog as the founders turned their backs to the original voices. Despite all of this the old voices did not bear any ill will towards their old home on the web and still to this day go back and visit from afar and in silence.

The End.

This has been a work of fiction and any similarity to a real life blog would be a real shame now wouldn't it.


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