Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chronicles of a new full time eBay seller: It was the best of times it was the worst of times

It's the month of December and we are in an interim period between what was and what will be. While it's not the best of situations to be in at this time of year it is what it is.

Our situation is that we are currently running on fumes because both me and my wife are completely dependent on eBay for all our money and we don't have the quality or quantity of inventory that we need to actually make a living yet. This is definitely a temporary situation because we have a 401k that we are cashing in but we won't get that money until January because they make you wait 30 days after you quit your job before you're able to take a distribution and then it takes about 3 weeks to get.

We are only about $1,000 shy of reaching our December minimum for paying all our bills so the situation is not as dire as it may seem. Once we get our 401 K money that will give us the relief that we need to pay our bills and buy enough inventory to really get this business going. When my wife quit her job we did not realize at that time that we were going to have nearly a two month layover before we could cash our 401k in.

 As I say it's not the best of situations however I would not change anything that we have done because while it is difficult it is necessary for our business to grow and for us to become truly independent. With that said I will say that we have had a pretty good first week of December we made $285 on ebay sales. We had another hundred dollars on a single sale but the guy cancelled.

 I hope your eBay sales are booming throughout this holiday season !

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  1. Congratulations on your new full time Ebay business. Things will improve with time. Best wishes fellow Trash Elves!

  2. Best of Luck with all your plans!!

  3. Thanks all for the well wishes ! We are having the best time of our lives, would not go back if you paid us to ;-)

  4. Hang in there - you'll get over this hump and make it work. I give you props for DOING IT! I have a full time job and am sitting on a TON, I mean a TON of inventory (and I continue to buy) and only have two things listed on eBay and a handful of things listed on Etsy. I'm going to take some vacation days soon and try to list list list. I'm not sure what my problem is (it's been super busy at work and the last thing I want to do is come home and list and I suspect I'm a hoarder with good intentions of selling on eBay/Etsy), but at least you are listing and selling.