Monday, April 11, 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed then KEEP TRYING KNUCKLEHEAD

Tony's Tip Of The Week
 The Wood Activity Cube For Pre-Schoolers 

This one is a bit on the heavy and bulky side but surprisingly economical to ship via parcel post. Created from solid wood and made for pre-schoolers this puppy weighs in around 22 lbs and is often overlooked at garage sales and thrift stores because of its weight. The wood activity cube comes in all kinds of different styles and is an educational moms favorite as it teaches all sorts of fun but practical things.

  Average Used Ebay Sold Price Between $40 to $75  

Our Week ending March 26th, 2016 

  • Total Items in eBay Store: 733
  • Items in Amazon Store: 24
  • Items Sold on eBay: 21
  • Items Sold on Amazon: 1
  • Items Sold on Etsy: 1
  • Cost of Items Sold: $49.00
  • Total eBay Sales: $456.00 
  • Total Amazon Sales: $11.00 
  • Total Etsy Sales: $16.00
  • Contract Work: $250.00
  • Total All Sources: $733.00
  • Highest Price Sold: $150.00 (bracelet)
  • Average Price Sold: $21.71 (eBay)
  • Returns: 0
  • Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $100.00
  • Number of items listed this week: 23 on eBay
  •                                                   0 on Amazon
  •                                                   4 on Etsy
  • (all numbers are rounded to nearest whole dollar)
  • Return rate 0.88%

For the last 2 weeks we have been pretty ebay lazy for whatever reasons there may have been. I do think low sales are depressing and can keep you from being very productive. Anyway now things are starting to heat up on the ole ebay account and it's looking much better.

Sidebar for Pat ... I was about to call ebay to try to get our listing limits raised when they did it without me even asking which was super cool :-)

As you know from reading our blog we live in an area where it's pretty tough to get new inventory cheap that is worth anything significant. We seem to constantly be questioning our buying choices and not without good cause. We have things that have not budged at the lowest prices we can put on them for years.

To increase our sales we are going to have to be much more methodical and precise about what we pick to be in our store. In my estimation you could have a huge inventory but if it's all junk then your still no better off than when you have very little.

I noticed that the newest listings we are putting up have had the greatest amount of movement so that tells me we are moving in the right direction but we just need to get better educated on what we are selling.

One thing I have noticed is that style trumps brand in may cases. You could have a really low end brand but if it has the sought after style then it's got the greatest chance of being sold as long as your not pricing yourself out of the market.

Well that's about it for this week, not much else going on right now. We know we have to get back to work so yeah that's going to happen but we are no longer convinced that simply listing anything and everything is the answer we were looking for, now we will be listing perhaps less items per week but better and higher quality items per week.

I'll let ya know how it goes.

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  1. Tony, I am so glad that you got your seller limits raised, automatically - Woo Hoo! And, you can call again next month to ask to have them raised again. I need to wait a couple of days before I make another call, but I will do so and see if I can get my dollar limits even higher.

    I want to say that you probably need both quality and quantity. Obviously it is a waste of time to have lots of listings of items that may never sell. But I still aspire to having a large number of listings. I started the year with 802 listings, and it now have 986 listings. March was my highest sales month ever, and it was hard to increase very much, because every time I listed an item, something else would sell. But that being said, I still increased overall. And because I have a goal of lots of listings, I do not mind the slow times; they allow me to list even more is my reasoning.

    As always, it is very fun to follow you, and Keep Up the Great Work!

    1. Thanks Pat ! Yes I think you have the right idea, many great items = success on ebay. I know we bought a lot of junk in the beginning and we still do today on a much smaller degree. Our biggest challenge is getting quality merchandise to sell in our impoverished area. Our thrift stores are so picked over we have to hit them almost daily to have a chance.

      Our new strategy is going to be targeting garage sales and estate sales only for a few weeks to see how we make out. Our flea markets are a no go, they are much too expensive to buy items for resell. Everyone with a flea market booth here seems to want ebay prices.

      Take care :-)

    2. Tony, I think we all have items in our inventory that we bought before we knew better, so don't look back at those mistakes; just try to sell them or donate them eventually, perhaps.

      Good that you are trying different alternatives to see what works for you.

      We own a (very small) beach house in Cape May, Nj, which is one of the poorest counties in NJ, outside of the city area. I used to think that I could not find anything of quality there, but I talked to the manager of the local thrift store and told her what I was looking for and now she saves things for me. Last time I went there, I found a gorgeous Wedgwood soup tureen that sells on Replacements for over $250. I was totally shocked to see that item, and I had passed right by it just the day before, but something told me to re-look, and boy was I surprised when I turned it over and saw the Wedgwood symbol on the bottom. It only cost me $20, and I didn't even have enough bubble wrap to bring it home.

      I am no expert at all, but my sourcing trips to Cape May have taught me that I need to keep my eyes wide open because I never know what I might find right in front of me, if I just look with a different perspective.

      Bottom line is to keep having fun, and I can't wait to hear stories about the treasures you uncover!