Monday, May 9, 2016

Making eBay's Best Offer Work Flawlessly

When eBay instituted the Best Offer option they really gave us a great tool and it works great in most cases, you accept an offer, the person pays and that's it but what happens when they don't pay? Your item is in eBay limbo for weeks while you try to resolve the problem and in most cases the buyer simply does not pay and gets a strike against them but since they are a zero or low feedback buyer they don't care.

So how do you avoid this little pitfall ? Well the solution we came up with may or may not suit you but it works for us and it works 100% of the time. So when someone sends you a best offer you get a chance to see the person's feedback and that is key.  If the buyer has less than 20 feedbacks then what we do is decline the offer and "Revise" the item where we change the items price to the price the buyer wanted and remove the best offer option. 

We then write to the buyer and tell then we accidently hit decline on their offer when we really wanted to accept it but we have a great solution and have changed the items price to the price they asked for and provided a link to the item. Then they can buy it or not but if they do buy it now they are required to pay immediately so no more low feedback buyers scamming us.

We have not had any buyers with an active feedback history of 20 or more give us any payment problems so we accept those on the spot. If they have not bought anything in a long time and have feedback between 20 to 50 then we use the revise method on those buyers as well.

So far we have had a 100% success rate using this method on our best offers so I thought I would share that with you guys. You could always alter this idea in your own way but it really solved a big problem for us. There seems to be groups of buyers that make accounts just to take out items using best offer as a means and whether they are scammers or competitors, the problem exist. 

First week of May 2016 was gangbusters, still waiting on the slowdown we experienced last year so that may yet come, we don't know. For Week 1 of May ending on the 7th we made 586.00 on eBay, average price around 22.00. 

One last thing on Best offer, Jason Smith from Thrifty Business with Jay and Nay had a great suggestion of pricing your items at least 20% higher than the price you want when using Best Offer so the buyer can get you down a little and feel like they are getting a good deal when they are really just getting the price you wanted all along.

See Ya !

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