Saturday, June 11, 2016

Our Record Breaking eBay Sales Week Ending June 11th 2016

Awesome week, we made 734.05 in gross sales for the week and we had 34 sales, this number increased since I made the video above this morning so slightly lower number in video. This is an all time record for our store !

I also talk about why we quit looking for jeans to sell. I forgot to say in the video that if you can find jeans for $1 then they are worth picking up if they are among the popular brand and size groups but still not on our radar anymore.

Hope your having a great week of sales, remember to just keep listing and those sales will come for sure !

Peace !


  1. Tony, Congratulations on such a good week of Ebay sales!

    Do you offer Free Shipping; and if so, on which items?

    I am just curious about how one makes much profit after taking out the COGS and Shipping. I understand that model is based on high volume, also.

    I am having a slow June on Ebay, but happy because I just listed some vintage slides from Alaska, and I was happy with how they look, after I invested in a digital slide converter. I still have 4 more carousels of slides to work on, but I discovered it was actually very fun to list and research all these places in Alaska. I sold the first slide in less than 24 hrs after listing it, and it was an awesome picture of seaplanes on the water; actually my favorite of all the slides in that batch. Hope you continue having great sales!

  2. Pat I only offer free shipping on my blue jeans and that's because I have such a hard time moving those puppies. Everything else and I mean everything else gets charged shipping.

    It's been dead this week, we have ony sold 4 items for $72.95 so far but last week started like this too so I can't count it as a bust until it's over. I did sell some non ebay local items for $50.00 so that was good.

    We went out today and bought about 8 really great Men's Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts and those always seem to do good. We are still trying to list "some" stuff ( non clothing) but not very much, I did get some really cool revere ware tea pots today and can't wait to list those, I got 2 for 6 bucks!

    It's a never ending game of what to sell, we keep riding the waves. Skirts, Shorts and Capri's are doing well right now. Golf Shirts are doing good too, make sure they have some popular golf course logo on them though.

    I'm sorry your sales have been down but you know it will come back, just keep listing. Your Alaska slides sound very cool, those should do well with all those discovery channel shows about alaska going on right now.

    As for the profit afer COGS and Shipping, heck I have no idea, all I know is we need $700.00 a week net to keep the lights turned on and if we can average that then we are good, lol. Our contract jobs pays us $300.00 a week so we only need $400.00 a week net from ebay or at least average that.

    Deidre wants to have a garage sale and I think we are going to give that a go, I will let ya know how it goes.

    Thanks for the encouragement Pat ! and keep on listing !

  3. Tony, You made me feel so much better by saying it's been dead on Ebay for you also this week; I thought it was my store, and that I was not getting any sales because I spent several days working on listing 74 slides of Alaska. I am a very slow lister normally because clothing takes so much time to photo, measure, and then list. So I had such high hopes that by listing all those slides, I would get a bump in sales. Boy was I wrong, and the exact opposite happened, but like you say, I just keep listing.

    Sounds like you found some awesome items today - woohoo!

    I went shopping today, also; and bought just a few things, because I have become super selective when shopping. But one non-clothing item I bought was a Ralph Lauren Queen size flat sheet that I will wash and iron before listing. I was looking on ebay recently for a new set of sheets for myself, and discovered that the prices are rather high for older Ralph Lauren sheets, so I plan to give it a try, and see if it sells.

    Oh,,and speaking of branching out, I recently sold a trucker hat that had an emblem for a golf course in Japan. I thought it was very cool, and so did my buyer, thankfully.

    I think your wife is right about hosting a yard sale. I did it once, but I sure got rid of a lot of stuff, and it have heard of people who do them yearly, which might be a good way to get rid of inventory mistakes, which we all have in our homes.

    Thanks for clarifying my shipping questioning. I keep hearing about sellers who offer free shipping, but I only offer it on expensive items (over $100), or sometimes on very lightweight items. I also offer shipping discounts when a buyer purchases multiple items, but that is something I work out based on how many items they purchase, and the prices of the items. I have had a couple of buyers buy 4 or 5 items at a time, but that's rare, and I always want to make them happy.

    I have an Ebay mentor who taught me how to sell on Ebay, and she told me to stay away from jeans, so I generally avoid jeans, and have only bought pants on an infrequent basis.

    Your contract jobs sound like a godsend, and especially during these slow days on Ebay. I think that many people are involved with end of school activities and planning summer vacations. For me, June was my lowest month in 2015, so this slowdown was not unexpected. Listing is always the solution.

    I am excited to hear how fast your new items sell. BTW, I love revere ware - clean the copper bottoms with Bar Keepers Friend powder (from the grocery store or Bed Bath & Beyond), and they look great.

    Hope that this week follows last week's trend for you, and that you have another awesome week!