Monday, June 20, 2016

Our Mid June 2016 Sales Were So Bad We Just Quit and Gave Up


  1. Tony, I thought you had really quit - whew! You really had me scared - but so glad that things worked out for you, and you had such a great Saturday of sales. Amazing story!! Again, glad things worked out so well, and that you are already doing well for this week again - that's just fabulous news!

    I continue to have a disappointing month. But, that being said, I have already surpassed last year's sales for June. Which tells you how bad last year was - and I am relieved that I can say I'm already exceeding my worst month of last year. That's a plus, and some positive news.

    Funny thing is that I keep having fits-and-starts where things seem like they are picking up but then go back down again. It's so strange how this month is working out for me. But I just keep thinking that if I can get through this month, I just know things will improve, as that's been my trend for the past couple of years. And I will never give up on EBay - it's just the nature of the beast that things fluctuate so wildly. Guess we are all secret thrill-seekers or something, but I'm in it for the long haul, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and keep up the good work !!

    1. Such a horrible week, ugghh, then on the very last day it turned from horrible to ok, what a roller coaster. I know retail is like this and even with that knowledge it is just so scarey when your living depends on this income. We had started filling out online job applications by Friday, lol

      I'm sorry your sales have not improved, I wish I could help but honesly I don't even know how to improve our own sales other than just steady listing. I do think that TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS LISTED = MINIMUM SALES FIGURE. At least up to around 2000 items, we have seen our own numbers double when our total inventory number doubled. I can't wait to see what happens when we reach 2000 items, lol

      We should hit 1200 sometime next month if we sales/new listings continue as they are now. I will let you know if our numbers continue to increase based on that. We really won't know for sure until we get there.

      Keep your chin up Pat, your not alone on the slow sluggish sales, we are right there with ya but we will pull through this month somehow. We are headed to New Orleans this morning to see what we can find, I wil let you know if we find anything good :-)

      Talk to ya soon,

  2. Tony, Throw away those online applications, because I think you are not going to need them! Keep working hard at ebay, like you are doing, and you are going to make this work, I believe.

    My month is getting a little bit better, so,I am hopeful this steady sales trend continues. I even had a sale on Bonanza yesterday, which was a very pleasant surprise.

    Hope you had fun in New Orleans. I have only been there once many years ago. I hope you found lots of interesting things for reselling.

    I cannot imagine how scary it is to rely on Ebay for a living, because I have the luxury of a husband who is still working and loves his job, so going to work is never drudgery for him. But, if I can offer a thought, it would be that you always have the fall-back of getting another job, and that is not the worst thing in the world; so maybe that thought can help relieve some stress and pressure. I hope so. Then you can relax and enjoy the good side of reselling on Ebay, because I think it is the best job imaginable - albeit not the best-paying, sometimes, as I am seeing this month - but that is okay, because I know things will get better. From my experience, I just know that June is my worst month of the year, so I am accepting that fact, and moving along with higher hopes for July. Like you say, I keep on listing, and I am at around 1,075 items in my store. You guys will be ahead of me soon, which is just great - I will keep trying to catch you, then. It's just so important to keep going and know that this is not a race, but steady working and making progress will get us where we need to be, I believe.

    Hope you are having a great week, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Thanks Pat, We had a great time in New Orleans, it's pretty close to us, a 2 hour one way trip but it's a straight shot from our town on I59 so it's a real easy trip. We found a ton of clothing and can't wait to get it all listed. No big ticket items this trip, just bread and butter stuff and thats fine by me cause that's what we sell.

    This week has been awesome ! we have already sold $472.00 gross sales this week which is aaarrggghhhhh (screaming) crazy ! I dunno Pat, just when we think it's all over it comes back in a big way.

    I'm glad your sales are picking up, that is really good to hear, I hope that trend continues for all of us. Steady Listing seems to be the key.

    I serioulsly want to see what happens when we both reach 2000 items, I mean how crazy will it be then? I dunno, I hope it will be Jay ansd Ryanne crazy, lol. I tell you though, the sales rates have just got to be so different from store to store because everyone carries such different stuff you just never can't judge one from another based on number of items alone.

    Keep up the great job listing Pat, your doing awesome ! 2000 Items here we come !

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Tony!

    At the start of 2016, I set a goal of reaching 1,200 listings, which I thought was a comfortable goal. In addition, I set a stretch goal of 2,000 listings. To reach my stretch goal, I need to increase by 100 listings per month. I have come close a few months, but missed that number by a lot on other months.

    Right now, I think I will be somewhere in between those two goals, which is okay.

    I like your desire to get to 2,000 listings, because like you said, it will be so phenomenal to see what kind of sales we get at that inventory level. It should be really good!

    I just love Jay and Ryanne for showing us all the path to success. I Would not be anywhere close to this level without their blog, Scavenger Life, and I am sure you feel the same way. They have really opened doors for so many others, and I am truly appreciative. Just as I am appreciative of your blog, and your documentary of the steps along the way - it's very fun to follow along with you, and experience your growth and accomplishments. Thank you for taking others along on your journey!