Monday, June 27, 2016

What's Happening in our store week ending 6-25-2016

General Discussion on what last week was like


  1. Tony, You guys had a great last week - good job!

    I hope your total June numbers are equally awesome !

    I am happy to say that I rescued my month, and June was not my lowest sales month this year: Yeah!

    I am constantly striving for improvement, too!

    Let's hope July is a firecracker of a month for all of us!!

    1. It's been rocky that much is for sure ! Glad your sales have improved, that is awesome !

  2. So, I started July at a decent clip sales-wise, and thought my drought was over. But then I had no sales on July 4th, and nothing so far on July 5th. Last year, I had 3 sales on July 4th, including a Halloween sweater, of all things. I have been listing regularly, and am now over 1100 items.

    As you said, Tony, selling on Ebay really is like being on a roller coaster ride!

    I don't know if all of the retail world is like this or not, because I never worked retail, except as a kid in high school. But, it sure is nerve-wracking, to say the least.

    Hope you guys are doing great, and I can't wait to hear all about your store success.

    1. It's going to come back, the trick is being able to wait it out. Our sales have been slow too, we cheated a little last week to get our sales up by selling some high dollar items. We have not been listing much, we are low on inventory so this week we are buying.

  3. Tony, Thanks for the encouragement!

    I had 2 days of no sales & that has not happened in quite a while, fortunately. It was very unpleasant, but then today I had 2 sales, yeah!

    I have never run out of inventory - because I love to shop, and I think inventory just finds me, somehow.

    I have a backlog right now of about 250 items that I have not photo'D. I swear, I don't know how this happens, but I never find one bathing suit, I find 10. It is just my "gift", I guess. Other people are lucky at things like lottery tickets, but for me, it's up-close parking spots, and used stuff. Too funny!!

    Good luck shopping, and I hope your numbers are great, like last week, again!

  4. Tony, Did you use your coupon for more EBay supplies? I ordered some tape, after seeing how great it looked on your package. I also ordered some larger poly mailers, which arrived today. Now I am just waiting for tape to arrive, and I cannot wait to start using it!

    BTW, you are very lucky that your sales doubled as your listings doubled. I have not had that experience, at all. I had some very good months in the beginning, and some very low months; now, I am hoping that my higher inventory allows me to avoid those low months, and then I will aim to move the high months even higher.

    As you said, we all carry such different inventory that there's no correlation between store experiences, at all. It is just fun when the cha-chings happen, that's all I know !!

  5. It was pretty rock steady for us, $800 to $1000 @ 500 items and yeah I think it's based on what you sell and not just about having a large inventory. I see people with far less items than us doing much better but they have access to great items in their area and that is just the nature of the game, its all about where you live as to what kind of merchandise you have readily available for you to resell all the time. Brands are great and command big dollars but if your like us you don't have access to great brands all the time so you have to find the not a big brand cool stuff, lol.

    When we hit 900 items we started selling around $1600 so that is to me a good sign we are at least on the right track. We aren't getting righ but we are stayinh afloat so that is good. I don't thnk any 2 stores are going to have the same experience because of their geographic differences in merchandise. Plain and simple some areas are just plain better for STUFF!

    What we have to do is get better at identifying the not so great stuff so we are buying the top cream of the crop in the not so great stuff category, lol.

    I Showed some of the junk we buy on my last video and I will do that again, we are going on aother buying trip today to Gulfport and Biloxi so hopefully about another hundred items so that should keep us busy for a couple of weeks afterwards.

    We are about to leave so gotta go, I will show you what we got when we get back :-)

    Laters !

  6. Tony, I like seeing what you bought in your latest video - nice things!

    I think the pig lights would be great at a barbecue, and those Wolverine boots look great.

    I would price some of the ephemera higher, with make offer, and just see how it does. You can always run a sale on that category, if it doesn't move. I always price rather high, with the attitude that I can accept reasonable offers.

    My store continues to be slow, but I have gotten used to this slower pace, and stopped stressing over it. It gives me a good break to use the time for more listings. Of course, we all hope the fall is better, because it would be too discouraging if this is how sales were year-round.

    And the funny thing about my store is that I sold very few sweaters last winter, which I attributed to El NiƱo warm weather; but now this summer, I am selling fewer tops and blouses than usual. Rather weird that this sort of trend has occurred. I just feel like my sales patterns are not holding true, at all. Oh well, it has been a good opportunity to add additional categories, and now I am focusing on speeding up my listing process.

    Hope you had a great shopping trip, and found lots of cool stuff! Keep sharing - it's fun to watch!

  7. That's a good idea Pat, I don't usually find ephemera so this was a total accident that we found it this time. We have been washing all day today and I am going to show some of the stuff I got in my next video so stay tuned for sure !

    1. Tony, I am definitely excited to see what you found on your shopping excursion !!

      My husband bought a box of baseball & football cards at the Thrift store today. He never even goes into the stores with me - just waits in the car - but when I told him about this box of ball-cards, he decided to buy them for $4.00. Then he spent the rest of the day sorting and researching the players, and now blames me for getting him addicted - too funny!!

    2. LOL!!! that is really cool that he is getting into it. I think it's so much more fun when it's a team effort.