Friday, July 29, 2016

Selling on eBay Full Time - Our First Year Review

In this video my wife Deidre joins me as we talk about our first year selling full time on eBay. We talk about that dress you see me holding there too, lol.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

How We Increased Our July 2016 Sales

Our sales this month have been dismal but we have not let slow sales derail our plans to get to 2000 listings by years end and now more than even is the time to list and because sales are so slow our total number of active listings are really starting to climb. Right now we are very close to 1000 listings ! 

This week started off strong and I have to say it remained strong all the way to the weekend and just when we thought it was over we got an international sale for $115.00 which is not included in the numbers we talk about in the above video.

Our total sales for the week were a whoping $665.00 and that's pretty good considering how bad the last 2 previous weeks were. Anyway watch the video if you haven't already and please give a tumbs up if you liked it. We are always trying new things and have something going right now which I will talk about next week whether it's successful or not.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate you all coming by and taking a look. I don't really know if anyone really gets anything from what I am doing here or not but I do enjoy doing it so it's all good.

Peace !

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What We sell on eBay, We Share a Thrifting Haul

This is a video showing some of the things we buy to sell and I talk about our week and how we cope with slow sales.

Thanks for watching my crazy videos folks !