Monday, July 18, 2016

Slow July Sales and Some of the Things We Sell on eBay

If Your having Slow July Sales Your Not Alone 


  1. Tony, i am definitely having slow sales on Ebay this month! In fact, it is one of my worst months EVER, so far. That being said, I am busy with other things, so it is actually a good time to be so slow. I, too, have not listed a lot so I am not surprised by the slowness. Summertime is when I have spurts of listing activity, followed by long breaks. I guess my own inconsistency is the reason my store is so inconsistent, also.

    Thanks for sharing your finds with us. I love the catchers mitt that you found - it looks awesome, and I bet you can get more than $10 for it. Please let us know what your research reveals, and then the final sale price, because it is quite interesting. Hope you get lots listed this week, and sales improve for all of us!

    1. The glove sold yesterday for 33.45 including shipping. Not bad. I saw most of these were selling is the 20 - 30 dollar range so i priced in the middle and it sold right away. This week is off to a much better start but I'm not going to count these chickens just yet, I have been fooled by a strong start before.

    2. Also am thinking I may be able to mail that glove in a padded flat rate envelope for 5.90 but not sure if it will fit yet, going to pick it up from our storage locker in a few minutes and will let you know.

    3. Fit perfectly in the padded flat rate envelope Pat ;-)

    4. This month is testing whether or not we are meant to be full time ebay sellers. We just now crossed the $1200 mark for the month and that ain't good.

  2. Tony, Congratulations on selling the catchers mitt: WooHoo! I had a feeling it was worth more than $10, and I am so happy you got a decent price for it.

    I am having a really horrible month, so I feel your pain.

    I re-checked last year, and I had a flurry of sales towards the end of the month,,so perhaps that will happen again this year. Historically, I have always had bad sales in June and July, but I think this is more awful than I expected. And, running sales isn't even helping, which is how I saved myself last month. So, that being said, I have to say that bad months on Ebay just happen & this may be one of those months. But it is hard to endure when you are in the middle of it!

    Hang in there, and remember that this is just a blip & things will get better.

  3. Tony, I hope you guys are having better sales than I am - my month continues to be a disaster, and all I can do is take it in stride and laugh at how it has gone from bad to even worse; how is that even possible, I wonder!!??!!

    I can't wait to hear how you are doing!

    1. Pat I am so sorry your sales haven't rebounded yet but you know they will, just a matter of when. We continue to evolve our business and try new things, some work and some don't. We made $665.00 this week but it's still kinda early so that number could rise a little. We can find no rhyme or reason to what sells and its always such a surprise when things that are really old in our store sell.

      The international sell we just got was a vintage american flag jacket we have had for a while. It had no offers on it and we had about given up and then WHAM outta nowhere it sells to someone in the Ukraine for full price so you just can never tell.

      I am curious about the things you sell, is your store like ours, mostly clothing? Just wondering.

  4. Hi Tony, Wow - $665 is a great week!

    You are correct that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what sells - no logic whatsoever! And I believe that is the most frustrating part about selling on Ebay. It just totally defies logic!

    Yes, my store, is mostly devoted to ladies clothing, but I have a few other things like men's ties (they rarely sell), and some mugs that are easy to list but sell infrequently; and then recently I added a lot of individual vintage 35mm slides from Alaska and the South Pole. These slides will sell very slowly, but they are awesome, and fun and easy to,list.

    I have a lot of mid-to higher-end ladies clothing, and I wonder if I have priced too high, because I priced everything so I could accept a half price Best Offer, and still make a decent profit. Plus, I buy at thrift Stores that tend to be rather pricey, except when they have half price sales. My goal with my Ebay store was to be more of a boutique, and I was always searching for expensive brands, like St John Knits, and known fashion designers. My strategy worked well, in general, but boy have I hit a slump this month! It seems like sales came to a standstill when I started listing the 35mm slides. And, one other time, when I hit a slump, the ebay rep told me to go back to listing in my niche, ladies clothing, and that brought me out of that slump.

    Now, I have to say I have not been listing a whole lot this month, due to other conflicts, and that could be a huge reason for the downturn. I just am not sure about anything, anymore; and I hate second-guessing myself !

    Also, I am a newer seller than you guys, and I have a theory that Ebay rewards the longer-term sellers. And, another theory I have is that receiving feedback generates sales; and I have had very little feedback in the past 2 weeks. I say "go figure" because I have a long list of theories and analysis - but none of it ever holds water for very long !

    Anyways, I am so very glad to hear that you have had such an awesome week of sales - that is wonderful and I am so happy for you!

    1. I'm happy for us too since our living pretty much depends on it, lol. Clothing sales are so back and forth, we want higher prices but we don't really get great brands here. CATO, Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Buckle and a handful of others is the best we can expect. Our strategy is just to blast them with listings and cross our fingers. I'm always amazed when the cheaper brands sell.

    2. Tony, I think you have a highly successful strategy that you are working, and I predict that it is going to keep working for you, and get better and better all of the time.

      Your strategy is the one that Cyndi of Amazing*taste uses, and look at how wildly successful she is! You are going to be just like her, I predict!

      I recently bought some t-shirts that I find rather comical, in that they are totally outside of anything that I would normally find or list. But I got frustrated and decided that I would give them a try; they are still waiting to be listed, but when I do list them, they will be fairly cheap and test my theory that the lower end stuff sells much faster than the higher-priced items I have hunted so carefully.

      You know, I have a vintage Burberry cashmere coat to list - after I get it authenticated - and I'm wondering how long that is going to take to sell - probably a couple of years.

      I don't know how some of these sellers do so well with the mid- to high end clothing, because I am finding it very slow going. Oh well - just keep trudging al g, and know that "slumps happen" is what I keep telling myself.

      And honestly, I don't think you should lament the quality of brands that you find, because I can tell you that I think your selling model is actually a more successful model!

      Also, I think people do not hesitate to spend $20-$30 online, but for anything more expensive, they seem very hesitant, even if it's new-with tags. I've got some designer summer dresses with $400-$500 tags on them that I cannot sell, which is totally frustrating.

      Oh, one more thing I should ask you guys, do you charge a restocking fee? I sometimes wonder if that is hurting my sales, although it definitely helps take the sting out of returns. Anyways, just wondering.

      Hope you continue to have awesome sales!

  5. We have a 30 day hassel free return policy, buyer pays return shipping unless we did something wrong. (we hardly ever get returns). We do not charge a restocking fee, returns are a non issue to us so we make it as painless as possible.

    I think your right on the lower end items selling faster, we have a handful of higher end brands that are just sitting there, meanwhile white stag is blowing up the place, lol.

    We question ourselves all the time and try different approches all the time. We try to go with the flow and most of the time it works. I think your also right about 20 - 30 dollar items having a much faster turn around. While I want higher dollar sales, those are the bread and butter sales we can depend on.

  6. Tony, I may rescue this month, after all, since over the weekend I sold one of my designer dresses for $250. Gosh, that felt good! It is new, with tags, and I just hope it doesn't get returned.

    Otherwise, I am having a consistent trickle of sales, and avoiding no-sale days. So, if things continue like this, I expect July to just about match June. Not great, but if these two months are my lowest for the year, they are still double my lowest month last year. I believe this is progress, but painfully slow.

    Also, I tried something different with a customer who bought a couple of my slides. She asked a question about another one of the slides, and I thought she was going to submit a best offer on it, so I waited. Two days later, I submitted an offer to her, and I hope that she takes it.

    I also wanted to mention that I think that if you keep listing 80 items a week, your sales will continue to grow - you guys are listing-machines! Great job!

    1. so glad you got that sale Pat ! that has to be such a relief. We tried getting a dress to sell and lol, well I will just have to show you this one on the next video, it is way too funny. We dont know nuffin bout them purty dresses, lol

      We did just sell a wood receipe box for $30.00 so that was a nice sell and we sold an 80's dirt devil for 29.95 so that wasn't bad either. We are still drudging along, slowly but surely.

    2. Thanks, Tony!

      That sale definitely saved my month. I feel like I am just grinding it out this month with the slow pace of sales, and it just feels painful. But, like you guys, I am still listing as much as I can, in the hopes that things will improve, and knowing that better months are ahead.

      Congratulations on selling the wooden recipe box, and the dirt devil. Every single sale counts this month, I feel.

      I have a tip for ladies clothing, which is that items look very nice on a mannequin, and the mannequin doesn't need to be very expensive. I actually have a half-mannequin that I use for bathing suits, and she was very inexpensive. For men's clothing, which I don't sell very often, I actually put them on a clear hanger, and take a picture of the item hanging from a tree limb in my back yard. Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I photo all of my clothing items outside in my back yard. I like the natural lighting and the green trees are a nice backdrop. But it sure was hot out there today! I take photos almost year-round, so some of my items can have snow in the background, or leaves missing from trees; all sorts of changes in the weather get captured in my photos. But I enjoy being outside, and I feel like this is a way to distinguish my store - like as in "oh, she's the lady whose clothes are all outside". Also, I believe that my colors are more true, but it can sure be challenging at certain times of the year.

      Looking forward to hearing your dress store, and hoping you are having a great week with lots of bread and butter sales.

    3. Shucks -Looks like the designer dress is coming back because it doesn't fit her. But I have a 20% restocking fee, so at least I will make a little bit for the work. What a disappointment, and now my month is back to the worst of the year.

      Oh, and I also had a $35 cancellation where the gal cannot figure out how to confirm the cancellation, after she requested it. Sometimes it just pours- but better days are ahead, I keep reminding myself!