Thursday, August 18, 2016

How To Tell The Age of Sewing Patterns and Todays Thrift Store Finds

Slooooooow August sales have left us with plenty of time to thrift and in this episode I talk about how to date sewing patterns and discuss our other thrift store finds.

Thanks for watching !


  1. Hey Tony! Enjoyed your video! The thing your mom put her spoon on is called a spoon rest! Thanks for the info on the sewing patterns! Hope Deidre gets better soon! ~~Pam

    1. Thanks for the info Pam, I never knew what that thing was called. Deidre is feeling a little better, she is getting the little princess treatment right now, I'm about to take her some soup. Thanks again !

  2. Hi. I recently changed the name of my blog from "Vintage Stuff and Such" to "Vintage Thrifter". Your blog is on my blog list. I'd love for you to follow me back. Thanks, Lisa

  3. Pronounce it like false graf, accent on false. However, but a "t" and "z"in it--faltz graf.

  4. Tony, I always look past the sewing patterns, even though I used to sew quite a bit many years ago. So this morning I visited my local thrift store, and decided to check out the patterns. I bought 8 patterns, mostly Uncut Vogue patterns. I also bought one doll clothing pattern that I will keep for myself in case one of my granddaughters decides they want me to make doll clothes for them, or teach them how to make doll clothes. They were only a quarter each, so it will not be hard to make a decent profit on these. Vogue patterns were always expensive and very trendy, while Butterick patterns were less expensive but also stylish, and Simplicity patterns tend to be easier to make and cheaper patterns.

    My lackluster Ebay sales pattern continues, but I am just laughing it off, and rolling ahead with listing whenever time permits. I had family commitments for much of August so it was a good time for things to be slow. In September, I believe things will pick up for all of us. Unless something drastic happens, August will be my worst month this year, and my worst month in 2 years; unbelievably bad, and even running MM sales is not helping, but it no longer upsets me, which means I have learned to cope with the horrible summer slump - ha ha!

    Hope you had a great week, and look forward to hearing all about your successes!

    1. Pat our last 3 weeks have been very sluggish indeed and this last week we grossed $362.00, we would have done better this last week but we had 3 dang returns, gaaahhhh !!. Oh well, like you say just laugh it off and keep on trucking :-)

      I still don't know much about patterns but I do know I like the art on them so I think I am going to dig into them a little more. Hey nice find on the uncut Vogue patterns. Those Doll patterns seem to be a thing now as well so you might try listing a few, why not eh?

      Don't like the summer blahs get ya !

    2. Tony, I hear you about the returns - YUCK! I have one coming back also, and I do not understand why buyers don't check measurements first, because I charge a 20% Restocking Fee which means returns cost them money. I just don't get it.

      On a brighter note I had over $175 in sales today, which has not happened in a single day in quite a while. One item was a new alpaca sweater for $98, and I just hope she doesn't return it. These higher-dollar sales are wonderful, especially when I get a couple of them each month. Otherwise, it's a lot of work just selling the bread-and-butter items for $20 - $30.

      Two days ago, I ran a Storewide MM sale of 30% off everything and only managed to sell one top for $17.00. I was so disappointed, because I had hoped that sale would break the logjam or low or no sales this month, but it didn't. However, today I feel super-encouraged about sales picking up, finally.

      And oh, one final item, I observed that my sweaters were not selling last winter, and now I have observed that my tops and blouses have not been selling this summer. I attributed it to the El NiƱo weather in the winter, but I am thinking the hot weather had people worried about higher utility bills this summer. Otherwise, I can find no logic to my store sales patterns. Have you noticed anything that you can pinpoint in your store? Just curious if there are any patterns occurring. My hope is that a return to more normal weather patterns will bring more normal selling trends.

      And a final thought about the returns is that I try to process them as fast as possible, without drama, and try not to waste any energy or effort on them, because they can really sap my enthusiasm if I let them linger and build up dread. I once didn't even put away a returned sweater for many months, and realized it was creating a bad effect on me to just look at it every day, so I learned from that experience, and now I get them re-listed, and put away pronto.

      Hope you are experiencing an uptick in sales this week - we all deserve it !