Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Week Selling on Ebay September 19th 2016


  1. Loved the video as always! I've been doing pretty well, for me anyway, for the past few weeks. I hope it keeps up and gets even better! I'd like to make $500/week also but that means I need to double up what I'm doing! Take care! ~~Pam

  2. Oh, and congrats on having a really good week! ~~Pam

  3. Tony, Great video, as always!

    I had a good week, and sales in general are improving for me this month. Plus, more importantly, I am seeing a return of higher-end buyers; and sold a $50 and a $100 clothing item. I have not been having these higher-priced sales for about 2 months, so these were both very welcome.

    I think we all second guess ourselves, and I laughed at you guys saying you are going to look for better valued items so you can get higher prices, because I was thinking that maybe I should shift to lower priced and lower value items. It's a case of always thinking that things would be better if we did something different, isn't it??!!??

    I compared my month to last year, and I am actually behind in sales this year, despite having higher inventory. I am not sure what that means or how to interpret it. I think it just means we all need to keep listing more and more. Oh, and I am almost at 1,200 listings, which was my goal for the year. Now I can just keep listing with confidence that I met that goal, and not feel too much additional pressure. My "stretch goal" was 2,000 listings but I definitely will not reach that goal this year. Which brings me to ask if you have ever tried any listing tools like SixBit or any others. I keep thinking that those tools might help me list faster, and I do not object to paying a monthly fee. But I just want to be sure they will actually meet my needs.

    Hope your great sales keeps happening, and thanks to both of you for your delightful videos. It is quite obvious that you both enjoy making these videos, and they are fun to watch!

  4. Like Pam said, Congrats on a really good week!