Sunday, September 11, 2016

Selling on eBay Question and Answer Time


  1. Tony, Just an FYI, when Ebay changed the store subscriptions earlier this year, they changed the levels and prices. So now, you just pay 10cents for every listing over 1,000 for a Premium store - and the Anchor store gives you 10,000 listings for free. I don't know if that changes your end game point or not, but it means you can just keep listing up to about 3,400. Then it's a better deal to upgrade to the anchor store level.

  2. oh wow I completely forgot about that, yeah I guess we will keep going until we see our growth plateau

  3. Loved the video! I used to use paper and tape for shipping labels but finally decided to just order the self adhesive labels. I figured that the sticky labels are a little less than 6 cents each and I thought I was probably using a few cents worth of paper and tape for each label I printed so the sticky ones are just easier, for me anyway. Just a thought! I get the rounded corner labels so they're easier to peel off! Looking forward to your next video! ~~Pam

  4. Tony, My week definitely picked up on Ebay, and I hope you guys are doing really well!

    One question I would like to hear you discuss is: What are your best selling items?

    I'm not even sure if I could answer that one myself, because it used to be sweaters, but with the El NiƱo weather of last winter, my sweater sales slumped. And, even during the summer, I was not selling as many sweaters as I usually do. So it would be interesting to hear about your store.

    Looking forward to your next video!

    1. not sure we have a best seller, its kinda all over the place, lol