Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where We Went And Our Future

Lindey Glenn

Ebay Scavengers


  1. Tony, I hope you and Deidre can continue listing even while you have your part time jobs, so that you can build up the inventory and perhaps someday not need to have this newest part time job.

    I believe that a lot has changed with Ebay, since Google punished ebay a couple of years ago. And it requires constant tweaking and adjusting to do well on this platform. I feel so badly for both of you at this time, but I know that good things are ahead, so don't let this bump in the road discourage you. Keep listing, and stay positive. And thanks for documenting your journey!

    1. It changes every year it seems Pat and we are trying hard to change with it but it's hard to teach these old dogs new tricks, lol. We intend on continuing the journey, it may just take us a little longer to get there but i think what we are learning along the way is worth it.

  2. So glad to see your new video! Please keep making them when you can! I always enjoy listening to you both! Thanks for the link to Lindey's videos! I'm going to enjoy watching her too! I already listen to the Scavengers but I hadn't heard of Lindey, so thanks! ~~Pam

  3. Wishing you the best in the future! Ebay is hard work, hopefully you will be able make it work for you and your family.

  4. Thanks Lisa, we aren't giving up, it's just going to require a little more work to make this thing pay whet we need. We are determined !

  5. Tony and Deidre, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And Thank You for documenting your journey. I hope you continue to share snippets of your life, both the successes as well as the challenges. You guys are very real, and present your stories so well, that I just can't wait to hear the next update.